Baby Shower Games

  • I have a few friends who are pregnant and I plan to throw at least one of them a baby shower. I’d like some creative game ideas for the shower. Does anyone have some fun ones that they’ve played? -- Julie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • We had a similar post a couple of months back.. here is the link to it. I posted a ton of different games that we came up with for my shower.

  • At my baby shower with my son we played a game where everyone guessed how many bibs we would get as gifts from people and the person who guessed correct or closest got a prize. We did the same thing with guessing how far around my tummy was using a piece of yarn.

  • i just went to a baby shower and the hostess did a great job of having some fun games!

    First of all when you entered the party each person was given a clothes pin, and was instructed to pin it to the lapel or a visible spot on their shirt.  Then if you could catch another person saying the word "Baby", you got their pin.  The person with the most pins at the end of the party got a prize.  There was a lot of good laughter as we all stumbled over that forbidden word!

    Another game was that the hostess had collected an assortment of baby items.  Much like price is right she held each item up and we had to estimate what the cost was, and write that down.  The person who was the closest won the item.

    I'm trying to think of what other games were played...if i remember I'll post again.

    Happy baby showers to all!


  • We did a "name that baby" game and had pictures of celebrity baby faces...then we put the mom and dad's baby picture in there too. People had to guess the names of the babies and the one that got the most right won! That was fun.  

  • Miss Pammie - love the bib guessing game! Great idea! Jess_BabyRN - I really love the price guessing game. That's a fun one for people. Thanks for suggestions! Brinny - Glad you dug that link up for me - even more ideas - not sure which ones I'm going to do but hopefully people will enjoy them. :-) 

  • Oh and i also just went to a friends baby shower and the hostess had gotten tiny party babies (like the tiny pacifiers you find at party stores) and froze them in ice cubes. when you got your drink you would get a baby frozen in a cube in your drink... When the baby finally breaks free of the cube then you shout out "MY WATER BROKE" and that person gets a prize.... obviously children don't get the baby cubes and you should make sure all the participants know there is a toy frozen in the ice.