Nursery Themes

  • I always see so many cute nursery ideas in catalogs and in stores. It seems like are tons of great options for décor these days. Share how you decorated your baby’s room and where you got your materials! -- Julie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • I really wanted to to an underwater nursery theme in my daughters room... there is just something really calming about the water. My fiance however was dead set on a whinnie the poo theme and won the battle. He is a finish carpenter and built the furniture in our daughters room out of buggie pine (It is a natural wood color with blue-black markings from beetles). It without a doubt is the coolest looking furniture i have seen. To match it we found some whinnie the pooh bedding that is very country looking. other than that we din't really theme out the room too much. We are now working on a toddler bed for her and we're considering a multi level castle bed/ play area. but still undecided as of now.

  • Brinny - I've never heard of buggie pine! I'm going to Google it to see what it looks like - it sounds like a gorgeous room! I think the old classic Winnie the Pooh is so cute. I was reading some of it to my 3 year old and it's full of the sweetest quotes. I had forgotten how poignant and wise Pooh really is. ;-) 

  • We have the castle bed and I have to tell you I regret getting it.. it's a pain to change the sheets, takes up huge amounts of room and is a hazard for the younger kids. I guess we don't have themes beyond that. More color schemes with a lot of photos.

  • I have a good friend that is a sports fanatic and her husband is equally obsessed and so with the birth of their little boy they did-a sports theme to the nursery.  It is adorable!


  • My sons room doesn't have much of a theme. If anything I guess it would be a video game/ Pokemon theme lol.

  • My older boys have a room with a nautical theme --it is red and blue with white and khaki accents. We have a treasure map on the wall and a map of the world as well. My daughter's room is just a girly mess of pink and yellow with flowers. It is really cute and we made it even cuter by framing some of her art work and putting them around the room! 

  • My two boys have a sports themed room as well! I've always thought it might be fun to do a space room - rockets, planets, stars, etc. Perhaps that'll be their big boy room idea!!

  • When I was browsing sites for nursery themes, there is this one that I came across a few times. It's the turtle reef collection and I have always been big into underwater and sea life. Mostly dolphins though. :P I recently started to redo the master bathroom and am going for a beach theme with seashells and I want it to feel like a tropical paradise when I go into my bathroom. haha That's when I decided to do something similar for the nursery AND now the baby shower. :P


    However, I am a HUGE gamer and am addicted to the video game HALO, so the nursery may also become a place for me to display my Halo collection. hehe It now gives me an excuse to get all my posters framed so I can hang them in the nursery. :P If we don't end up going with any specific theme, I may just stick with my Halo stuff and buy stuff that matches, color wise anyway.

  • There are some REALLY adorable sort of retro video game wall decals that I've seen around for boy rooms. Some that were sort of Pac-Man themed and so could Google it and make a cute video game room - complete with Halo! That'd definitely be a unique baby room!