I had my ultrasound today and...

  • I am having a girl! I am very excited to be having a girl! I have always wanted a boy and a girl and now I get to have them. My son is going to make a great big brother! Even if he is only going to be a year and 3 months older than her.

    The baby sure didn't want us to see what she was though. Her legs were crossed and she wouldn't move them for the longest time. She finally moved enough to confirm that she was a girl. Everyone expected us to have another boy, but they were wrong. Everything is looking good as far as her development goes as well.

  • Hooray! I am having my first and he is a little boy. I always wanted a son first and then a daughter so good for you. You have what I am hoping for. :) I know they say not to get pregnant right away but honestly I think it is great that they are going to be so close. Just take it easy on yourself and make sure to get plenty of vitamins and rest as your body has had a lot to go through! ;)

  • Congrats MissPammie! Little girls are so sweet, and always so cute. 

  • Awww - yay!!! So sweet!! How great to have one of each! Do you have names picked out?? Let the shopping begin! Hahah - happy for you! 

  • I feel very lucky. I am glad she is looking healthy. I hope you can have one boy and one girl someday as well! Boys are a bunch of fun!

  • I am thinking she will probably be like I was as a baby since she is acting like I did as a fetus according to my mom. I think she will be sweet and quiet, hopefully!

  • Thank you. i do have her name picked out: Amaya for the first name and Mae for the middle name. C:

  • Congratulations! I am so excited for you. Your little boy will most certainly make a great big brother! I hope you are doing well...I love her name too!