rolling with the punches (and kicks)

  • so im 30 weeks with my third and i am getting the worst of the movements phase. my lo is way more active then my first 2 and boy does it feel like i have a kick boxer in there. her movements are so rough and painful that i feel like she left some brusing on my ribs and belly. tell me moms, what does your babys movements feel like?

  • It sounds like you have a little gymnast in the making!  How exciting!  Are her brothers excited at the prospect of soon having a sister?  Those big brothers are often so proud and so protective of their little sisters. :)


  • Sometimes it hurts doesn't it! My little guy would kick so hard at times that he would make me yell ouch! Once they hit 34 weeks though, the kicking seemed to get better because they ran out of room. Then they just rolled and stretched, but the sharp jabs seemed to get better. 

  • I remember this vividly! My son LOVED to kick my bladder! Not so fun when it happened to be a bit full. :-p I agree with MommyRN4 - it seemed to not be so painful toward the end when they ran out of room. I missed it, though, after I delivered both my boys. Feeling them moving inside is such an intimate and wonderful experience. Hopefully your little one will be a bit more gentle with you these last few weeks. :-) 

  • My son was constantly moving all the time and roughly too. It felt like he was flipping around all over the place and he kicked a lot too. This time( I am having a little girl) the baby doesn't move much. It's different and kind of scares me at times. Two days ago I only felt movement once in a 24 hour period (I am 24 weeks tomorrow so I have been monitoring them now). It freaked me out a bit. I am used to so much moment. I didn't feel her move at all until I was 18 weeks and it was one flutter. Once I hit 20 weeks I felt more distinguished movements, but usually only 3 times a day (like clock work in the afternoon and when I go to bed). With my son I felt him at 17 weeks and he never stopped moving lol. Every baby is different though.