Baby Revealing Parties –Did you have one?

  • I have had 5 children now and we didn't really make a big deal out of telling people the gender of our babies. We just called family members and told them after the ultrasound--now, there are these baby revealing parties and cakes! I feel like I missed out or something….did you have a baby revealing party? -- Bonnie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • We plan to do photos with my step kids since they'll be with us when we find out.

  • I know! I feel like I missed out on a fun tradition! If we have one final child, I'm going to do something fun and crazy! On the other hand, I think sometimes a huge deal is made out of every little holiday now and every little occasion has to be ramped up into something  major. Sometimes it gets pretty exhausting trying to keep up with it all! Still - it's a fun idea. :-) 

  • I never had one. I had some family at my ultrasound and then told everyone else via Facebook lol.

  • We didn't have a reveal party when we found out we were having Hazel, but everyone was VERY eager to know and had their own guesses. What we did is posted the gender reveal ultrasound on facebook and told our family members that if they really wanted to know then they had to watch the video... and they couldn't tell anyone else.

  • I let my husband and kids paint my stomach with the baby gender on it and other designs. Then we revealed to my family after sunday dinner everyone took pictures and we post it on Facebook and instagram

  • Isn't it amazing how facebook has changed things?!  It seems to be the mainstay of how information-good and not so good gets out to friends and relatives.  One of my friends had a family portrait done with her, her husband their three year old, and in it they were holding a sign with the due date on it.  So cute!

  • That's a cute idea! We are actually going to my sister's baby revealing party today! She had a baker made a cake with the color icing inside of the cake. She doesn't even know the gender yet! She had the doctor write it on a piece of paper that she put in an envelope and handed right to the baker! Fun!

  • I had one the week we found out what the baby's sex was.  I did not find out with my first child what the sex was so I wanted to find out with my second.  We had the ultrasound done and the tech just wrote on the ultrasound what the sex was.  She placed in it an envelope and we took it straight to where we had a cake made.  they colored the inside blue since it was a boy. We had family and friends over and we cut into the cake to find out the sex! it was a really good time.

  • MommyRN4 - what is your sister having?? :-) The other ideas are so cute!! 

  • MommyRN4-

    I LOVE THAT IDEA!!!  What great pictures that first cut into the cake will make!


  • Well it looks like she is having another BOY! This is her 4th boy! She was super excited and we got some great pictures.

  • Yay!! Boys are fabulous! She will have such a great little family. :-)