39 weeks?!

  • hello ladies! my name is lydia, and i just found out last monday that im expecting a baby in 2 weeks or so. omg am i overwhelmed ! i just recently lost my job, so i was wondering where to find really good hook ups on some free stuff, considering this is my first baby.. let me know please !! 

  • Wow! That is so exciting. Congrats!  I'm guessing everyone here can pitch in with some ideas on where to get baby stuff.  Goodwill is always a good place to start.  It might take some time to sort through and find what you need but I always hear about great stuff from dedicated shopping there.  I hope you will continue to come to the boards for support and information.  So looking forward to getting to know you better.


  • Wow!! Talk about a shock! Congrats to you and I hope that you can get some things in place before baby comes! The biggies that you'll need will be a safe place to sleep, some diapers and wipes, a carseat, and a few clothes. I'd suggest calling your WIC office and seeing if you qualify for some assistance there. I'd also talk to the social worker at the hospital where you deliver to see what local resources they are aware of. Sometimes local thrift stores have some great stuff that is gently used. Good luck!!

  • I know I am a little late responding to this, baby may already be here. Congratulations on your pregnancy or Birth of your child at this point! I don't know if you have one near you but HOPE pregnancy center helped me a ton. Another place to try is craigslist or freecycle.com

    good luck!

  • breenlydia-I just wanted to check in and see how you are and how things are going.  Did you have the baby?  How are you feeling?  How is the baby?  We would love an update!


  • Congrats! You can find some things at Once Upon a Child. They have outfits there for like 3.00 and they also have cribs, swings and other different things that you may need. Good luck!