Help with ALL day sickness...

  • Hi there!

    I am 7-8 weeks pregnant and am having "morning" sickness ALL day long. I consatantly feel sick to my stomach and just plain like I have a really bad hangover that never goes away. I have tried eating ginger snaps, eating crackers ect...but nothing seems to help. Does anyone have any other suggestions or things that helped you get over feeling yucky during your pregnancy? Thanks in advance for your help! :)


  • In my experience BB1021, I had a worse morning sickness that I always vomit after eating but later on after a long adjustment and following this tips it helps me a lot. Get up slowly. When you wake up don't get out of bed right away try to eat some crackers first and avoid caffeine. Get enough rest. Sometimes taking naps during the day is a big help. Always have some food in your stomach it may lessen your chance of vomiting. Try to eat crackers, peanut butter or food rich in protein. Sipping cold ginger ale, or adding a slice of raw ginger to tea may help soothe your stomach.

  • Hope BB1021 it would help you minimize your morning sickness.

  • So sorry to hear you are feeling so sick despite the many remedies you have tried. Being you are only 7-8 weeks pregnant i take it you probably have a doctor appointment coming soon. many of the doctors i interviewed wouldn't even see me until i reached 9 weeks. I think this is something you really need to mention since nothing else you have tried seems to be working. There is medication that they can give you that will help you feel much better, but like i said you need to schedule that appointment first. Oh and you want to get that call in now if you haven't already because my ob office is always backed up by at least a month unless it's a true emergency. Anyway welcome to Strong Moms and Congrats on your little one. I hope you feel better soon.

  • You poor thing, that sounds terrible. :(  The first thing I want to suggest is making an appt with your doc as there are safe nausea drugs that they can prescribe for you that will make you feel so much better.  Nausea can be very hard on your body (and mind!) and you need to be as strong as you can right now so that your energy can go to helping that baby develop.  While you are waiting to get in you might try some ginger products.  Ginger is a natural anti-nausea remedy, and if you remember we use ginger aile for nausea with the stomach flu.  You can also find ginger teas and candy.  If it's all to sweet then try diluting it with ice, water or charged seltzer water.  Many moms also find it helpful to just keep a bit of food in their tummy at all times.  So saltines, chicken soup, plain noodles, mashed potatoes and rice are some bland foods that are sometimes tolerable.  I'm hoping these suggestions will help a bit.  Hang in there,


  • Thanks for the ideas. I have an appointment with my OB next week and I plan on mentioning it to her then but I thought that I would see if there were any other ideas out there that I haven't tried that might work for me before I start any type of medication. I will try a few other ginger products and see if any of those work. Thanks again for the suggestions. Hopefully one of them will work! :)


  • Morning sickness isn't fun. It lets up (for most) in the 2nd trimester. I didn't have it in my first pregnancy, but I did have it for about a month in my current pregnancy. Eating small items every few hours helped me along with sipping fluids regularly throughout the day. Ginger and lemon is said to help nausea too. If you get too sick though it would be a good idea to contact your doctor.

  • I feel your pain - I had all day sickness as well. That label "morning sickness" is a joke! :-p I know it seems sort of silly but it might be worth trying the acupuncture pressure wrist bands for nausea that you can get at pharmacies, etc. I thought it was a joke but was willing to try anything. It actually did help me! Hang in there! 

  • Thanks for the idea! I didn't even think of that. I will have to try it. At this point I am willing to try And you are so right...the the term "morning" is a joke. I try snacking on stuff throughout the day but that doesn't help either. And sometimes after I eat something I feel worse...ugghhhh 4 more weeks of this should be Hopefully something works soon. I don't want to take any medication if I don't have too. So lets keep our fingers crossed this braclet thing helps. :)

  • Julie-Are those the same as the "sea sickness" bracelets you an buy?  Great idea!  -Jess

  • I always felt worse after eating something...I hope the bracelet helps! I think I probably wanted it to work bad enough that I mentally helped myself feel better. Didn't really care how I felt better, just wanted to feel human again! Let me know if it works for you. 

  • BB1021-

    I wanted to just check in and see how you are feeling.  Are things better at all?


  • With my daughter I had ALL 9 MONTHS SICKNESS! I actually lost 30+ lbs during my pregnancy because I couldn't keep anything down, not even anti-nausea medication prescribed by my dr.  I was obese when I got pregnant but my daughter was born very healthy although I was sick the entire time. I threw up after every step I walked, I carried a trash can if I was going to move.

    I only had a few things that helped me. Drinking a glass of OJ after I threw up and munching on orange and lemon flavored snacks. Lemon water and hot tea helped with nausea and a rocking motion helped with throwing up. I also drank a lot of ginger ale.

    I hope you get relief soon!

  • Oh Shatieyonts, what an ordeal.  I am so glad that you and baby are both ok now! -Jess

  • Jess- I am doing ok. I haven't been able to find those braclets yet...but I have only been to two places. I will keep looking though. I see my doctor this Wednesday...and it can't come quick enough. I must say I am thankful that I am not as bad as the post above this but I still wish I felt somewhat normal again. lol I do want to thank everyone for their suggestions. Some of which I have already tried and didn't work and some I hadn't...either way any input is helpful.  I don't want to take any medication for it if I don't have to so finding those braclets are definately number one on my list since nothing else seems to work. Thanks again ladies! I really appreciate all your help!!