Did you get an Epidural or did you go Natural?

  • I never did quite make it through labor without an epidural, and I admire anyone who managed to get through it naturally. Did you get an epidural or go natural? -- Bonnie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • I really wanted to go natural with my labors. Both of my boys ended up passing meconium while in the womb (meaning they were stressed) and I never could get beyond 5 centimeters - got stuck every time. After getting an epidural, I progressed to pushing stage within an hour for each kid. I just think I wasn't able to relax! If I have one more child, I might consider hiring a doula to help me with relaxation and breathing...might be an interesting way to go!

  • I was induced do to developing preclamisia six weeks before my due date. I was put on magnesium to help with my blood pressure and pitocine to help move my labor along. I was devastated when they told me I couldnt walk around because of the magnesium side effects. Walking was apart of my birth plan to help me with my labor pains, but still I refused to give in to getting an epidural. I just couldn't fathom getting a needle stuck in my back. I managed my pain with a hot water bottle wrapped in towels and both my mom and boyfriend took turns rubbing my back. They started the process at around 10a April 15th and I had my daughter April 16 at 2:49pm with no epidural or morphine. I was so proud of myself. 

  • i had 5 natural and my 6th with an epidural,i figured this is my last y not....lol...i was 4 cm got the epi. and by the time they were done and they checked me i was already ten cm..then i was num from the waist  for a couple of hrs...lol

  • Yes, I am like you PediNurse Julie. I progress to pushing within 1 hour of getting the epidual! I made it all the way to 7 cm with my last son though. I thought that was pretty good.

  • My labor went very quickly for my first child and by the time I got to the hospital I was already 4cm dilated and I was at about 5cm dilated when I got my epidural. I felt no pain at all until my water broke when I was 4cm (happened at home) and by total labor was only 12 hours long. I am going to try to go longer this time without an epidural and try to go without one at all if possible. I hear that babies born after the first one are roughly born in half the time, so I think I'd be able to manage if the labor was THAT fast.

  • It was always my plan to have an epidural. I haven't ever had any desire to go through a natural birth. I went in for a scheduled induction and was at 2 cm when i got there and after four hours and two doses of cervidil i was at 6cm. I had contractions in the 90s and 100s and couldn't feel them... UNTIL... my water broke. At that point i was at 6cm and by the time i received my epidural i was at 7cm. it was maybe two hours later and my daughter was born. Honestly i think i could have done it natural if i really wanted to, but i say why feel the pain if you don't have to.