morning sickness

  • took 4 home pregnancy and all are positive! so excited. now with my first i had all day morning sickness with this one i have it really bad right now and the only thing that works is laying down. i have tried all the remedies i have read about and things like that i am just trying to c what has helped any of u pregnant mommies out there? is there anything i missed? and i really dont want to take any meds for it.

  • Missy-  You sound just like me. I am the same way right now. Nothing is helping...uuugghhhh I will say I posted something very similar to this a week or so ago and someone had reccommended getting those anti-nausea braclets at the pharmacy. You don't need a RX for them you can buy them over the countrer. I haven't been able to find them yet but I have only been to two places. Hopefully I find them soon and hopefully they work because I would sure like to feel better my self. Hope this helps you as well. Good luck and Congrats!!! :)

  • Orange gatorade worked wonders for me! It is at least easy to try. If that doesn't work, experiment with different drinks and foods to find something that works for you. My sister swore that if she ate cinnamon graham crackers and drank a sprite then her nausea would go away. Orange gatorade usually did the trick for me!

  • I tried some orange flavored sobe water and that helped. Going later to the doctor to confirm if I am for sure pregnant. I can ask them of any home remedies to try. It's weird cus when I lay down I feel better 

  • Well if you can't keep anything down make sure to contact your doctor asap. I was lucky and didn't have morning sickness at all in my first pregnancy and in my current pregnancy I only had it for about 3 weeks in the first trimester (I didn't know I was pregnant and though I got the flu twice lol).