Sickness at work

  • So I work 3rd shift. My morning sickness is from about 1030pm-230am.

    So the first half of my shift is miserable. I don't throw up, but I'm very nausious(sp). I haven't told my boss(s) bc I'm only about 7 weeks. 3rd shift was the only thing they had available so I don't want them to cut my hours or anything. Any suggestions on how to help? or if I should eat a couple hours before my shift? idk any suggestions, I've thought about telling them, but I really want to wait.

    I haven't tried crackers, but I was thinking about it. Do they really help?

  • I too was working third shift when i became pregnant, I'm not sure what kind of work you do but it may be in your best interest to just tell your manager and get it out in the open. Make it clear that you don't want to have your hours cut, but if they know then they may be a little more lenient on you about having food around to keep your stomach settled, or allowing you to take a couple minutes here or there to gather yourself. Aside from that maybe try some ginger ale at work or water with lemon slices. ginger candy... I hope you start to feel better. crackers worked well with me as well.

  • Okay, it is not scientifically proven but Orange Gatorade worked wonders for me and some of my other night shift pregnant friends! Something about the drink just took the nausea away. I would experiment with different drinks and foods to see if something makes it better for you. So sorry that you have to deal with this but hang on because it usually gets better in the second trimester!

  • It's a touchy situation... difficult choices between your well being and your livlihood. I agree with Brinny and I think that you don't want this to be discovered by your superiors from any other way than you telling them. I guess hold out as long as you can, but you are in a tough spot. Sorry you are feeling so sick. Good luck!

  • thanks everyone I think if it keeps up I'll tell them i'm trying to find something for days but then I'll have to pay day care so its toughy at the moment. but thanks for the advice and i'll try the drinks n crackers

  • You have some gotten some great ideas about keeping hydrated and a little something in your tummy.  IT seems most women find a combo of foods that work and then stick with it.  Ginger can help with nausea as well-you know ginger ale that everyone drinks when they have the stomach's the ginger.  You can find ginger teas, ginger candy and other drinks/food with it and that can help a lot.  Make sure you are getting enough sleep as sleep deprivation makes everything worse.  Let us know how you are doing.  take care, Jess

  • Also wanted to mention there is a post a few down that is called "Help with ALL day sickness...", there is a lot within that post that might help you too!  Only you have "all night sickness"...  :(   Hang in there.  -Jess