Close to Delivering

  • Hey ladies,

    I am due on July 5th having a baby girl, I already have a 3 yr son. I am very nervous about delivering, my son was a breeze I started having contractionsSmile with him at 12pm and had him at 2pm but for some reason I think this pregnancy is going to go the total opposite. I can't sleep just thinking about how labor might be. Any ideas or suggestions?

  • I think it might ease your mind to take a class or two to refresh on the birthing process and perhaps taking to your doctor or the class instructors about your pain management options. Meanwhile keep yourself busy so that you aren't thinking so much about the birth. If it eases your mind any i have heard that the second baby generally comes easier than the first, but that isn't' necessarily always the case. Either way trust your medical team, your partner, dula, midwife... and you will make it through. just like last time.

  • Thanks Brinny, I never thought about taking a class or two, will do!

  • Great idea Brinny!  Ndavis let us know what classes you find and how they are going! -Jess

  • Wow - you had your first quickly!! I bet that was a bit of a surprise! I like Brinny's idea of a refresher course. That can always kind of give you some confidence. It's hard when you have your second because you have a certain experience with your first...the second is really an unknown. However, it'll probably go just fine. Try to maybe find some things to keep your mind off it all. Do some last minute experiences with your 3 year old, take a little weekend trip with your man, schedule a massage, etc. You'll do great! 

  • Ok thanks I will.Smile

  • A little weekend trip sounds great.

  • Try not to worry too much. The doctors will do all that they can to help you out. I am anticipating (and just plain hoping really) that when I have my daughter in August that it will go much more smoothly than with my son. Well, the labor with my son was fine and only a total of 12 hours, but the pushing is where he got himself stuck (he kind of had a big head lol). My daughter looks more petite (from the ultrasounds) so i think she will come out just fine. I think you will do great, just stay positive!