Hello Everyone

  • I signed up about a month ago. I currently have four children the youngest being almost 4 months old. She was born January 24, 2013. I just found out on Mother's Day that I will be expecting number 5 in January of 2014. Quite a shock, but I am still super excited. Didn't expect them to be so close together.

  • Congratulations on your pregnancy and your little one of 4 months! StrongMoms is here for you if you need any support!

  • Congrats! They will be very close together. My son just turned one year old and I am due in August, so he and his sister will be close in age as well. It will be hard, but it should be fun also. Your body must be tired though.

  • Congratulations! Ihave 5 children as well and it is soo much fun! I am excited to meet another mom with such a large family! How old are your others?

  • My youngest will be 4 months on the 24th of this month, then I have a 6 year old, a 9 year old, and an 11 year old.

  • Congrats on #5!! So excited for you! What an amazing Mother's Day gift. :-) Are your others boys or girls? Tell us more about you! :-)