Baby shower a good idea?

  • My parents, boyfriend and work all are now aware that I am pregnant, although I am only 19. I am at six months and starting to wonder if a baby shower is an appropriate thing. I really do not know how to approach my mom with the topic. She has accepted my pregnancy but I'm still unsure if this is appropriate or not. I have bought a pretty good amount of clothes and such myself so I really do not know what to do right now. Help?

  • In my opinion, a baby is on the way and should be celebrated! Despite the circumstances which seem less than perfect, it's time for family and friends to embrace this wonderful addition to your life! A baby shower is definitely appropriate, as I am sure that those who love you want to help you out and begin to get excited for your baby. I am sure you are highly stressed about what is the right thing to do, but it's time to make a life for your little one and it starts by celebrating your imminent arrival! Congratulations!

  • I completely agree with AnswerDad03... Not to mention some of the things you absolutely need for the baby are expensive. the crib  (or at least a pac-n-play or bassinet at first) and car seat for example are necessities. While it is good to have a lot of clothes i'm sure you know that you need a lot more than that, and i know at 19 it can be really tough to come up with the money for the more expensive items.  If i were you i would just bring it up to your mom  by saying (you know i have been working really hard to get what i need for the baby, but there is still a lot more that the baby will need... What do you think about me having a baby shower?) If she is for it then AWESOME!!! you can start planning one.. if she is against it then see if a close friend or supportive relative would be able to help plan one. many times people will go in together to get larger items like a crib or car seat/ stroller system. Anyway you won't know unless you ask and at 6 months along you don't have much time to waste if you want one. Good luck! I hope it turns out well for you.

  • I really think I will just try and approach the subject. (Oh and sorry for excluding this, but I actually already have a crib, pack and play, stroller and car seat that I have collected from garage sales and friends.) I guess the best way will be to come right out and ask, despite the awkward feelings. Thanks for the bit of extra support.

  • I think a baby shower is a great idea and a good way to get prepared for the baby's arrival. If your mom seems less than enthusiastic, then approach a friend to see if they could host one for you!

  • I echo the other ladies/guys - a baby should be celebrated! Sounds like you've been able to get the major items already - good for you! It's still wonderful to gather and celebrate your little one and the joy he/she will bring to your life. I hope your family/friends are able to pull one together for you. :-) 

  • Baby showers are wonderful! You get so many things, some that you wouldn't normally think of. It is fun to visit with people and celebrate your baby. It is also fun to make a registry. You need much more than just clothes. A baby shower can be a great way to get diapers too (we are doing a diaper raffle at mine and did it at my last one too). I think it is worth talking to your mom about.