Tips and tricks for comfort!

  • Pregnancy can be a pretty uncomfortable time of life – especially as you get towards the end of it! I relied on my body pillow to stay comfortable in bed and keep my hips from hurting so much. I also gave up on shoes that required lacing or zipping (boots) and just lived in slip on shoes! What ways did you find to keep yourself comfortable with your pregnancy? - Julie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • The summer in the midwest is I froze damp washcloths to put on the back of my neck throughout the summer. Worked wonders and I was able to stay outside with my children even at 9 months pregnant.

  • Oooh! That's a great idea! I'll keep that in mind for my next one! 

  • Popsicles! ice packs and cool drinks.  Staying hydrated is very important so even Gatorade pops-homemade are a great plan.  I love the frozen washcloth idea.

    Stay cool!Smile


  • I too love the frozen wash cloth idea.. Luckly for me i was pregnant in the summer at the beginning of my pregnancy and in the winter at the end.. so it wasn't too bad for me. the problem i had was keeping my belly warm because my coat barely covered it. i actually had to suck in to get it zipped up. I wore a lot of yoga pants while i wasn't working and thank god my feet didn't swell so i was able to fit in my normal shoes. I actually only really gained belly weight so i stayed in my normal pants. While at work one day a customer passed down one of her (and now my) beloved tricks for getting your pants to have a little more give when they get tight. Take a hair tie and put it through the button hole and loop both ends around your button. I was able to wear my normal jeans right into the hospital on delivery day by doing this.