Hello Everyone!

  • Hi, my name is Kaylin & I am new to this. Since I have been pregnant, I have been wanting to join one of these chats. I am 33 weeks pregnant & I am so ready for my first child (boy) to come. I am preparing myself for the things that I need to get ready for the baby! Any advice?

  • Wow! So exciting that you are at 33 weeks!  And a boy-you must just be thrilled!  I'm so glad that you found us here at strongmoms.  I think you will find the site really supportive and a great place to get questions answered and give advice too!  It sounds like you have done some preparing.  Do you have an overnight bag packed and plans of how and when to go to the hospital?  Do you have a few first outfits ready to go-can't have enough sleepers and blankets!  How about the baby book.  This may seem silly, but you want to capture those first few days and having it ready to go and a disposable, camera  or phone camera would be a good thing to have in hand.  What books have you read ?  Anything that has been especially helpful?

    Can't wait to hear back and get to know you better,

    Welcome again and congrats!


  • Welcome to StrongMoms! Congrats on your first - a boy! I have two boys and I may be biased, but they are the best. ;-) Are there any areas that you are worried about or have questions about? Let us know so we can give you some advice where you might need it! 

  • Hello Jess. It is very nice to meet  you! Thank you for your comment! :) I am very excited to be having a boy as my first child! I have started an overnight bag but I still have a few things to put in there. I do have a few first outfits in the bag for him to take. But I have not had my baby shower yet, it isn't till June 9th. I hope to record my pregnancy, I have not found out yet if I am able too at the hospital. I have been reading a few books here and there and looking on the internet at a couple things to read. I think I am pretty set and feeling pretty confident about preparing for the big day. I am just ready for him to come!!

  • I hope you have a great baby shower!! :-) Be sure to tell us how it is! 

  • Welcome and Congrats! I am so excited for you! I too have a boy! He is now 3 1/2 and he is the best thing that has ever happened to me! I love love love having a boy. (So does my husband lol)  I'm glad to hear that you feel pretty ready about the big day. You really can't plan too much for it...you just kind of go with the flow when the day comes. :) I know people were giving me advice of things that had happened to them or what to do when the baby is here and how to react to certain situations but really everyones situations are always a little different it seems then what you may go through and just know that what works for someone else may not work for you. No matter what I bet you will do great and I bet that you will be a wonderful mom! I hope everything goes smoothly for you. Keep us informed when he does arrive. :)