Testing during 2nd trimester

  • I just want to get opinions on getting the baby tested for abnormalities. I'm leaning toward not doing it. However, I plan to talk to my dr about testing at my next appt. Any feedback will be so helpful!!


  • This is such a good question, and I think it's really up to each person to do what feels right in their heart and in their mind.  I want to encourage you to make a list of questions for the doctor and make sure you get them answered.  Then I think reaching out here is a great idea-the more knowledge that you have the better you can make your decision.  I also don't think it's an all or nothing deal.  You can choose to do the tests that feel the most important to you and not the others.

    Keep us posted!


  • Everyone really does have to make their own decision. There seems to be two general positions that people take. 

    1-Sometimes testing is not completely accurate and can produce false positives. You can be left to worry about problems that may not exist. Also, if you don't plan on doing anything in response to a positive test, some people prefer not to know at all. 


    2-Testing can inform you of conditions your baby may have and help you to prepare yourselves to deal with any challenges you might face after birth. You also can make informed decisions about your pregnancy and any interventions you might wish to take to ensure a happy, healthy baby. 

    Good luck with your decision! Just know that you alone can make the best decision for yourself. :-) 

  • I agree....This is a tough decision but one only you can decide. I am in the same boat you are. I have an ultrasound screening/testing scheduled in a week for this same thing. It was a hard decision to make but after discussing it with my husband we decided to do it. We would just feel better knowing if there are any challenges we need to prepare for. When I was pregnant with my son who is now 3 1/2 I was never offered this type of testing. They only did a blood test. So it was news to me when I was offered this ultrasound testing this time around. My doctor has said that 90% of her patients get this testing done. But again...with all that being said it is a decision that only you can make. Just know that No matter what you decide it will be the right decision for you. :)

  • I to am in my 2nd trimester. When offered testing, I personally denied it. I have this feeling of no matter what -my baby is my child, and I will love them for every fiber of their being. I know God wouldn't give me any challenges I can't handle.

  • My husband and I chose not to test because we felt that results that may not be accurate would cause me to stress exponentially during my pregnancy. I am thankful that we did not because my beautiful, amazing daughter was diagnosed one week after birth with down syndrome. I stressed for two weeks after her diagnosis until I was able to read two books on down syndrome and get a realistic idea of our potential future with her. People cannot tell you how it is having a child with a genetic condition unless they've been in that situation, but I can tell you it's been a gift. Since having her people have criticized me for not testing during my pregnancy and considering 'other options.' While people say you can prepare, I honestly am glad I didn't know because I didn't have time to stress or form preconceived notions or dive too deep into what ifs. We prepared ourselves to be loving parents and I'd like to think we're that and a little more. Good luck, follow your heart!
  • I think there have been a lot of good responses to your question. :) But, I wanted to chime in.  My husband and I decided not to test (even though I am 38 & they suggested I do so) because, as another response said, we thought it would cause undue stress during my pregnancy. The way we saw it...if we found out 100% we were having a baby with a disability...we wouldn't "do" anything to change the fact that we would have the baby. So, why not enjoy the pregnancy...and deal with whatever happens once the baby is born. That said...there is (as far as I've been told) only 1 test that is near 100% accurate. It's a pretty new test and not every hospital/lab does it. In fact, I don't even think Insurance covers it yet---so, if you do it, you pay for it. It's a blood test that looks at your cells. All of the other tests tend to have false positives...or give you results that are a percentage only. For example, my friend was told her daugher would have a 1 in 10 chance of having Down Syndrome (DS). So, of course, she prepared to be that "1". The baby was born without DS. The only positive I can see about having the tests is that if they do feel you will have a chaild with a disablity the doctors can tell you if the hospital you are delivering at is prepped to assist the baby. Some hospitals are simply better equipped to help baby's with special needs...so, at least you could prepare that way. :) In the end...I think whatever decision you make needs to be the best decision for "you". Good luck!

  • It would be best to talk to your doctor about it, but unless they recommend it, it really isn't necessary. I didn't get them done because it wasn't recommended that I needed it. I am young and am healthy with no family history of anything bad.

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  • i am 10 weeks now and at my 12 week appointment they want to run the test but i never did with my first amd the doctor said it is completly up to me if i want to do it so im not going to do it.

  • I didn't really know that taking tests were optional. I've pretty much done everything up to this point. I'm now 34 weeks and 1 day and I've had quite a few ultrasounds, a few tests were they drew blood and the most recent test I had was the 1 hour glucose test. I thought all this stuff was mandatory to make sure that I didn't somehow end up with something that would affect the baby, but so far everything has been fine.


    At this point, the only thing I have been told to look into, by my grandma, was getting vaccinated for whooping cough. I never got the flu shot during my pregnancy, but she told me that getting vaccinated for whooping cough can help protect the baby. I know it's a little off topic, but I wonder if it's something worth checking into with your doctor.

  • I never heard one for whooping cough if u ask ur doctor I'm interested in knowing what they say. Mine didn't say anything about that just the flu shot.

  • Whooping cough is the pertussis virus... so they may ask if you want the pertussis vaccine. My doctor suggested i get one when my daughter was born, especially since she was born in the height of the pertussis season coupled with the outbreaks of whooping cough being on the rise. anyway ask your doctor about getting the vaccine so you don't accidentally pass it on to your child.