Pregnant with Number 2 and would love to work from home

  • Hi there! I am currently pregnant with baby number 2 (my first is 3). I would really love to be able to stay home after I have this one especially because I felt like I missed out on so much with my first......and the cost of daycare isn't getting any cheaper :) I was wondering if anyone else out there has any ideas on things to do from home or how you and your family has made adjustments so that you could stay home with your kids. I really want to try and make this husband doesn't think its a good idea only because he is just worried that we wouldn't have enough money left over after we paid all of our bills if I stay home. I don't want to be strapped for money each month either but I am very dedicated to try and figure out a way to work from home. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :) Thanks!

  • Congrats on your pregnancy first of all... and welcome to the site. I have been lucky enough to be a stay at home mom and not have to do anything on the side. That doesn't stop me from trying to bring in some kind of extra cash though. The best way that i help our family out right now is to save as much money as possible. That means couponing and buying for more than a week at a time and sometimes even buying in bulk. I do not go to the extremes of some of the couponers out there though (my state doesn't double coupons so it would be a lost cause anyway). In addition to that i am incredibly handy with a sewing machine and fabric. I have been making diaper bags, quilts, just started a swimsuit line, and i make various other things to sell. It's not as easy as it seems though. If you want to sell things from home you have to consider the cost of materials and the cost of your time time to make whatever you are selling (time you aren't dedicating 100% to your children). As i'm sure you know the price of whatever you are selling also has to match the product. On top of that you have to take in consideration how you are selling your item (whether it be through the webs selling sites or fairs or bazzars..) all of those things also cost you money as well, and often you have to ship the item places too... so as you can see making money from home is much more complicating than simply making and selling. It works for me because i love to design and make things, so i figure if i'm going to be making stuff anyway i might as well try to sell it. So i guess i'm saying if you really want to make money from home do something that you are going to enjoy, and don't fall for those pyramid schemes.. if it seems too good to be true or easy then it is.. Run fast. Good luck and i really hope it works for you.

  • Thanks for you advice. I do try and steer clear from the Pyramid schemes thats kind of why I was throwing out my feelers here to see if any of the other moms out there had any suggestions. I have thought about making things and selling them. I do sell Scentsy on the side now but I don't push it and am not very passionate about it so I don't make too much money doing it. (At least not on a steady basis where I could rely on the income from it) I'm not due until December so I have some time to think about it but I don't want to wait until the last minute to figure something out either. I was also thinking about asking my employer if I could maybe work from home...I do it occasionally here and there now so I'm hoping they will let me .....even part time would be beneficial enough to help with our income. Not sure if they will yet but its worth asking I suppose. As far as couponing goes...I do a little now but not enough to make a huge difference in what we spend. I will have to look into it a little more. I could never be an extreme couponer like I have seen some people do but anyway to save money is worth a try. Thanks again for your advice! I really appreciate it! :)


  • One thought is to try to do 1/2 of your work from home and the other 1/2 out of the home.  I think we often get "black and white" in our thinking, when in fact there are really good options that are in those "shades of grey". It could give you a place to start and then build on it, and then you can look at spending more time at home.  My best friend for example works from home some, and then she does work 20 hours a week at a coffee shop on the very early shift.  I think she works from like 4:30am-10:30am  a few days a week.  Her husband gets the girls up and fed, and then she is home.  There are so many options when you start combining different ones.  Keep us posted!


  • I have several friends who have been dedicated and made this happen - you can do it! Do you have a skill that you can teach? Can you give piano lessons or shoot pictures? Can you even clean houses or take in little ones? I have friends who watch another child for some extra money in order to stay home with their little ones. JessBaby's idea is a good one - find a job with an odd shift where you work part time - enough to bring in some breathing room to the budget. Places like UPS have really early shifts or late shifts...just trying to help you brainstorm! Good luck!!

  • Thanks! I have thought about watching some other kids to help with the income as well as looking at possibly doing a part time job at a coffee stand or something but my husband leaves for work at 5:00am so it makes it a little hard....I would still have to have someone watch the kids if I did an early shift...we will see. I am pretty dedicated to making this work so I'm sure the more ideas I get and the more support I have I know that I can make it happen! Thanks for your input. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

  • Congrats on your pregnancy. I think it is worth a try and if it doesn't work out then you could always look for a different job, right?

  • I work evening shift at my hospital - it works out nicely with my husband because I have the kids during the day and he has them in the evenings. They go down for bed not too long after I leave anyway, so I don't miss out on too much! If you took some closing shifts at a coffee shop, etc - you could potentially work mostly while they are sleeping. Some other ideas are dog walking/bathing or advertising yourself at some retirement homes/condos as someone who will do grocery shopping or help run errands for people for a fee. 

  • What great ideas! Some of which I hadn't even thought about. :) I really appreciate your feedback. Any input is helpful. I cannot stress how wonderful it is to get ideas from other people who are either in the same position that I am or that have suggestions to help me achieve my goal. Thank you!

  • BB1021, Why not try to work online jobs and at the same time as what they also suggested selling some stuff. Just like me I did online jobs and also selling some stuffs. I stop working as a government employee just to take time to my child. But the decision is still yours BB1021 as long as your happy with your decision.

  • I have a friend who works at a gym in the child care room. They let her bring her kids with her to work for free and the kids play in the room with the other kids. Plus she gets a free membership to the gym...not bad! Just keep thinking outside the box!

  • I think what many have hit on here is that you have to think outside the box.  Hopefully something someone mentioned here hit on something that might work-or might connect you to a workable plan.  Keep posting everyone!


  • MommRN4 that is a great idea! good for your friend! (: yea I tried the pyramid thing didn't like it. My mom did tupperwear when I was younger(like 13) and that's kinda of your own schedule setting up parties, but also there are other things like that...I know a chick I worked with sold naughty toys. You could maybe check out something like Lia Sophia (sp) (jewelry)

    those are ideas if you would like a PARTY kind of job. I believe they are mostly commission based, so if you don't think you're good at selling things or not too much  of a people person they may not be a good idea.

    The good thing about them is you really don't have to do a lot you could do two or three parties a week probably even less. I don't think they last more than 2-3 hours either...really depends on the crowd.


  • I found a lot of stuff off of a yahoo answer. I put "Tupperware like jobs" there's a lot of answers, not all like Tupperware. Doing some research I see that Tupperware is an MLM job lol, but I still think some of those are good bc you still don't have to work all the time. Best of luck!

  • How is the Stay at Home Job Search going? Anything new to report?