Favorite Names

  • I’d love to hear what some of your favorite girl and boy names are. We are considering having a third child eventually and I need some fresh inspiration for names! Help me out! -Julie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • Our daughter is Hazel.. If we have another girl she will most likely be Violet and if we have a boy He will most likely be Oliver. My sister just had a little girl and named her Lily and my friend just had a little girl and named her Caraline. some other names in our family and/ or names we have toyed around with are:

    Isabella Sophia (niece)

    Sunnie Dae & Stormie Rayne ( My cousins Twins)









    I tend to love the old fashion names, and they are popular right now-Emma (which makes me think of the movie), Lyla, Lillie, Chloe, Flora.  Boy names-oh gosh one more Carter in our NICU and we were going to be totally lost. lol.  Colin is another great name.

    What a fun post!


  • Awww, I love Violet and Oliver! So cute!! I also agree - Carter is a GREAT name. It's strong but unique. 

  • I like the name Aries which is my sons name. If I was having another boy he was going to be named Evander, but I am having a girl so we are naming her Amaya which is my favorite name.

  • Amaya is so pretty - it's feminine and sweet. :-) When is your due date again? 

  • having a girl, would like a pretty, but unique name that starts with the letter D!!! Thanks

  • Hmmm.. Lets see.... There is Daphne, Daisy, Dahlia, Dalia, Dehila, Deanna, Danika, Desiree, Delilah, Dana, Dea, Delaney, Devon, Dixie... I have included a wide range of D names since i don't know your preference of cute Unique or odd Unique.


    On another note while we are discussing Unique baby names (and excuse me for those of you with unusually unique names, i don't mean to offend), but what is with the uptick in VERY unusual and strange names?! Of course the world would be boring with a bunch of Ashleys and Ambers, but doesn't some of these parents know that their children have to grow up and live with these CRAZY names through adulthood?!. Granted unusual names can be intriguing, but where is the line drawn where the name goes from being unique to strange and possibly even embarrassing. So far the names i have heard on here are all really cool unique, but I have heard some where i have literally felt bad for poor child and actually thanked my parents for my name (Brenda- Which i have hated since... well forever)... The best advice i received while choosing a name for my daughter is not to choose a name i wouldn't like to have myself. Anyway it was just something on my mind... End Rant!

  • My daughter's name is Brielle bc I thought it was unique, beautiful, eloquent, and not totally out there (:

    I like

    Reagan sounds more girl, but tbh it was the only boy name we agreed on. Boy names were hard for us to agree on, seeing as he was the dad.

    Peirce, Gabe, Cole, Jayden, Carlisle <-Boy

    Candice, Kayleigh, Leighton <-Girl

    I had a lot more, but can't think of them lol those were always the top ones


  • Brinny Some parents do go crazy! The way I chose was it didn't look crazy or sound crazy, maybe a little difficult for some people to say or spell, but for the most part (:

    I choose unique, sometimes unusual names bc I don't want my children to have the same name as 5 of their classmates. Ik in my grade we had 7 Ben's 4 Chris' 4 Emily's 4 Brianna's(though some dif spellings) 3 Zach's 2 Tyler's 2 Michaels 2 Rachel's...and our class was big for our school, but we only had 60ish classmates...That's my beef with normal over used names. I refuse to name my child Matt, Zach, Tyler, Chris, or Ben...tooo damn many lol that's just me.

    I Like the Idea of using old old classic names that like great great grandparents used, bc they're so old it's unique again (some)

  • I totally agree with you... hense my daughters name Hazel. I love unique names but I think some parents go overboard with it. In my class we had 5 Ashley's, 3 brittneys, 4 Ryan's,.. my fiance and I are in agreement that we don't want common names for our children, but we don't want them so out there that people are like what were that poor kids parents thinking meaning their children that... 

  • Yea there are some names I'm like...did your 5 year old give you that name as a suggestion? like La-a(pronounces Ladashia) I mean come on...and celebs are way out there...Apple, Rocket? gunna name your girl Cookie? Kanye and Kim named their daughter North...so her name is North West...

    but to each their own and you can change your name when you turn 18

  • LOL-how did I know that "Northwest" was going to come up?! All I could think is how this poor kiddo is going to have to come up with a fancy (or very boring as compared to northwest) nickname!


  • The celebrities do come up with some crazy names.. I was watching something on the birth of Holly Maddisons daughter the other day and they names her Rainbo... I'm sorry but that is just out there.

  • Nothing far out there, just a nice name that is not heard everyday.......