Favorite Names

  • For me, I love unique names as well with unique spelling. But love to put some name of a saint in the beginning. I love two words and the beginning is name of a saint and 2nd is combination of our husbands name which makes it unique.Just like:

    Isabelle Tesh(from me and my husband's name)

    I also like Althea Louise

    Stephen Pete

    And so on...


  • Is it true that choosing a good name for your baby also help her/him in his/her behavior? or still depends on your training.?

  • Brinny, I don't think Rainbo is so bad, she can at least shorten is to Rain or go for Rainie as a nickname I know people who are actually named Rainie, but I think they spell it dif.  oooh and thinking of that I think Skyler is a pretty name for a girl

  • I agree that Skyler is a good name.. but when I think of the name rainbow I think of a fantasy land full of fairies and unicorns, not the name of a little girl, but to each his own. 

  • for my girls they happen to both get the "ann" sound in there names and "el" in there middle names...Cheyenne rae'el and mariana isabelle , so I kinda want to keep that idea in it and my son is call Sebastian witch is one of his middle names only because I don't like the generation name of "GUY" , I don't even call my husband it, I call him by his middle name also..lol but with this one on the way I am having the hardest time finding a name I like for a girl and a boy...for a girl I was thinking of naming her after my great grandma, my nana and my mother whom all pasted in 2010 so her name gloriana pearl kay ...but not sure if I really like it and for a boy when I had my miscarriage in 2011 his name was peytian denial...so I cant use that name but I like breytian , jaydian, or something like that...any ideas ladies???

  • sunflowermoma, you can try switching around the name of your gmas maybe kay before pearl. or you can make slight variations /combos that you like the sound of so it's a part of all your gmas, but still the way you want it to sound and unique for your daughter.

    as far as boy, you could try Jaylen, Jordan, Gordan, Corbin(kinda 'an' sound at the end it's more 'in' but that's up to you) Adrian (which can kinda go both ways now a days) mmm I'm not too sure on many others.

  • remylim ....I don't believe so, but it kind of depends. If you're going to name your daughter Rebel, she could most likely try and become her name. I'd say if you stick to names that aren't so apparent, and maybe have a bad meaning, but otherwise normal name you should have a problem.

    The only way I can really say a name would make a child is if it is like Rebel, Rocket, Trouble, I'm sure there are more...and I know that sounds weird, but I actually think some people have named their kids that, at the very least celebs. But if you had a name like that wouldn't you feel you had the right to do w/e you wanted? "blame it on my parents" thing

  • Ariane=goes either way....I love it

  • hi ladies...

    well we r having a boy and cant come up with a name that everyone likes or hasnt been used in either family already...if anyone can help i would appreciate it....


  • I guess my names are simple, I live in a really small town so you don't hear these' names every day. I named my oldest son, who is about to be 5yrs old, Trenton Joseph. I am going to name my second son, who is due in December, Carson Wayne. And if I ever have a girl I would love to name her either Kaylee June, or Agui Mae (Agie)  after my two grandmothers. 

  • Sky_23 - I really love the names you picked! They are full of character and unique without being too crazy!