6 months tomorrow

  • Is their anything I should know or anything I have about three more months to go till my baby boy comes into this world!!!

  • Congrats! Your little man is coming pretty soon! Just make sure you have the basics in place for him - some clean diapers, a safe place to sleep, and some clothes for him. I'd also make sure you've got a pediatrician picked out for him to see when he's discharged from the hospital. Do you plan on taking some childbirth classes? Now is a great time to sign up! Taking that last minute get away trip is also really fun before baby comes - take a long weekend somewhere and enjoy your last baby free months. He will be a lot of work but such a blessing!! Happy for you. :-) 

  • Congrats on your pregnancy! Is there anything in particular you are unsure about or is there anything in that kind of "unknown" field that you would like to have some insight into? Whether it be finding comfort in the later months of your pregnancy, giving birth, challenges of parenting this is a great place to come to have some questions answered or even just let out some steam. Everyone here is very nice and helpful so if there is anywhere in particular you would like to start feel free to ask. I think for you the most important things to focus on is getting what you need for the baby if you haven't done so yet, and finding a birthing class so that you are a little more clear as to what giving birth will be like, what your options are as far as pain management is concerned, and coming up with what you envision your birth experience to be. As far as parenting in general is concerned i find it to be a very common sense kind of job. As you spend time with your baby and get to know him you will know when something is off. You can always call his doctor with any concerns and they will help guide you down the best path for your babys health and development. This site also will give you a generalization of what milestones you should be expecting in each age group, just keep in mind that each baby learns at his or her own pace and may not meet each of those goals when you want them to....Anyway congrats again, I home some of this maybe gives you a place to start with getting some of your questions answered.

  • What a lucky mom you are going to be to have a fall baby!  Have you thought about names?  So far as getting ready-I would start collecting those early items you need-some onsies, diapers, diaper wipes...it's easier on the bank account to do one little thing a week instead of it all at once.  Are you going to have a shower?