I'm worried and scared.

  • My name is holly I'm having my Fourth child, My third child was born with a rare genetic disorder so rare she's case number three in the whole world ever Diagnosed with it. Now this baby I'm Carrying Is at Term of preterm labor, I'm 31 weeks and my service his dropped and is ready to have a baby. My soon-to-be ex-husband has left me and our baby's. I've been dealing with this pregnancy all alone, I'm doing the best I can, During the pregnancy I met someone. Was not planning to meet nobody but met him anyway, His grade and my kids excited about this baby coming, You knew somebody can find someone in the time and need, Is amazing guy I'm Glad I met him but still scared, Worried about this child and my other kids worrie me so much but he tries to meet me at Ease. I wish there was a way I can tell him how much he means to me n my kids. I think God every day for him helping us through everything.even If we don't have a lot of money we have eachother, Send us a prayer that my kids and the new baby will be ok.


    thank you,

    holly gandalal and the family.

  • Hey sorry to hear about your situation, but things will get better for you..i will keep you in my prayers and hope your baby is good and healthy and all goes well...either way a baby is an angel sent from above..cherish him.

  • Holly-

    I will definitely hold you and family close to my heart and in my thoughts as you progress with the pregnancy and birth of your baby.  I want to encourage you to draw upon those coping tools that helped you in the past, and to post here for support as well.  You are obviously amazingly strong from everything you have been through.  Sending a gentle hug to you,


  • Will definitely say prayers for you and your family. I am glad that you met someone you love and who can support you through this time. I hope everything goes well for you and your baby. Stay strong!