Hi everyone:) im new on here

  • Hi:) im new on here and im currently 16 almost 17 weeks pregnant with my second boy! i already have one son and he is 15 months old! I bearly found out that im having a boy and i was kind of hoping for a little girl but it doesnt matter as long as he is healthy((: I cant wait for my 2 little ones to be close just like my sister and i were!

  • Congratulations and Welcome to Strong Moms! I am glad that you found us. My kids are all close in age and it is really nice because they can enjoy things together like Disney World, movies, trips etc. I hope that you have a wonderful pregnancy! Jump on boards and have fun! Let us know if you have any questions!

  • Congrats to you! I am having a girl and I have a 13 month old boy. They will be close in age and I think that's neat. I think kids who are closer in age get along better. i hope your baby boy is born healthy!

  • Wow!  Congrats, you must be so excited. :)  My best friend's little girls are close in age and I love to listen to them talk and play together.  

    Keep us posted on how things are going, 


  • congrats to you and your family and welcome to strong moms...I am also about 16 to 17 weeks along and haven't found out if I am having my 2nd boy or my 3nd girl...either way I am excited, but I think my son would like to have a little brother so it is even in the house...keep us posted and congrats agian

  • Congratulations! I heard boys are easier then girls anyways lol (: Who knows maybe they didn't see it well enough and you actually do have a girl. you can always ask for them to check again : D

  • Welcome! I have 2 little boys and I have to say, it's so much fun! We, too, were sort of hoping for a girl but I love that they share all the same toys, clothes, etc. Our boys are total buddies and really love each other. I hope the same for you!!