31 Weeks Along

  • I am 31 weeks along today and I was asking some family members when they think I'll have my baby. i am asking because I am due August 16th and my birthday is August 13th, so there is a good chance i could have her on my birthday which would be kind of funny! My son was born exactly 2 weeks earlier than his due date and I have a strong feeling (I have had this feeling the whole time I have been pregnant) that she will be about 2 weeks early as well. Anyway, my aunt thinks she will be born on my birthday, my mom says August 3rd, my brother says August 6th, and I say August 1st. As long as it's after 37 weeks I am okay with her being born.

    Do you know anyone who shares a birthday with their child? Do you? Have any guesses about when I will have my baby?

  • I think that a mom's intuition is the strongest indicator of all, so I'd vote for whatever it is you are voting for.  What fun to share a birthday! Esp. a summer birthday!!


  • I had the option of inducing my daughter on my birthday but I didn't want her to share my birthday. I thought that she wouldn't like it, so I induced her a few days earlier. Now she wishes we had the same birthday! In some ways I wish I would've induced her on my birthday because she is my only girl. Oh well...hindsight.

  • Well you were just trying to make a good guess as to what she would want. I can understand a child wanting and not wanting to share a birthday with a parent or sibling.