Water Birth

  • I have been reading about this and saw an episode of "A Baby Story" and saw a woman have a water birth. It seemed odd to me at first, but from what I read, it can help to alleviate pressure since water gives you a weightless sensation and that the warm water is supposed to be soothing.


    I'm a little interested in this, although I still have a feeling I will be having a normal birth procedure, granted I won't require an emergency c-section, but I was wondering if there was anyone here that has went through a water birth and what they thought of it.


    I also don't even know if my insurance would cover a water birth since it's apparently not considered a normal way to give birth. I do believe that the hospital I will be delivering at offers this option, but my insurance coverage is still another matter.

  • From what i have heard it is a really great way to give birth.. it's a very soothing way to welcome your baby into the world and a very easy transition for the baby. I'm assuming that since you are considering a water birth that you are also planning to go with out main meds? ... I think that if your insurance company covers it and you think it is something you might like to try then go for it! You can always change your mind if it is just not working the way you would like it to... I know that it isn't something that i personally would want. My main reason is that i have no desire to have a natural birth, and the next reason is that after the baby is born you have to get out of the tub and after my daughter was born i could barely walk let alone left my legs high enough to step over the tub wall.. or maybe they are the tubs where the wall opens up; i don't know. But if you think you might like this option then give it a try.

  • I would call your insurance provider and check. I don't know if a hospital would do it, you can always check with them, but you might have to go threw a midwife. I know in the midwife suits for my hospital they had a bigger tub, that possibly was for water birth. You could even ask your Dr. I'm sure they'd have info, if not off the top of their head, maybe pamphlets.

    I would love to try it myself, but it was never an option given to me so I really didn't go out of my way to ask.

    I hear it's an easier transition for the baby too. The only thing is you might not be the first one to hold him/her bc you'll be in water or trying to get out. 

  • I have not done a water birth. We just recently got a hospital in a near by town that does them and it is the only one in the whole NW area that does it.

  • Even if your MD or insurance doesn't do water births, you can still labor in a tub usually for a while. I found that to be a GREAT way to labor - my hospital had jet tubs and it felt amazing with my back labor. Even standing under a hot shower on your back feels great. Lots of different positions and techniques are usually used in labor - not just one. If your MD doesn't want to DELIVER in water, maybe you could labor there until it's time to push. Just a thought!