Sharing the big news!

  • It’s always fun to hear how people shared the news of their pregnancies with their loved ones. Share how you told everyone! With my second, I had my son give out envelopes to everyone at Christmas and tell them to open them at the same time. Inside was a note saying that my son had a special gift for them – he was going to be a big brother! It was so fun to watch everyone realize what that meant and start screaming and jumping up and down. :) ~Julie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • I did something very similar. My husband was taking a trip back home (I am form Colombia), and he delivered the news with a picture that had three pair of tennis shoes (my husband's, mine and little baby ones). Since the little tennis shoes are white they don't know what are we having :). People at the beginning where puzzle but later on they got it, where VERY happy about the news.

    For the people that are my friends here in US, they don't know yet, and I am 5 months pregnant. Probably they don't notice the huge bump I see (I am very thin for American standards).

  • What a great way to share the news!  I love the idea of those little shoes. :)


  • With this pregnancy I was scared to tell everyone. It was unexpected and my son and the new baby will only be 15 months apart in age. I told my fiance I was too scared to tell anyone, so he told everyone. I didn't even want to tell him at first. Of course, no one was upset or anything.

    With my son I just told my mom I was pregnant and then told my dad he was going to be a grandpa lol. My fiance told his family. I think he was more nervous the first time telling people and I was more nervous the second time haha!