what do u do.

  • what do you do when your emotions are going crazy. then everything you eat or drink makes u sick to ur stomach.

  • I ran this question by my wife, and her opinion is that you need to find someone to talk with who understands your personality and emotions. I served that role for her, and gave her good support, but it doesn't have to be your significant other.

    She had less advice about sickness because she got hit pretty hard in her second pregnancy and she unfortunately was looking for an answer. If nothing else, the sickness will come to an end eventually!

  • Emotions during pregnancy are up and down. It hits some harder than others. You can talk to your doctor about them it they are really bad. As for the the eating, is this during the first trimester because they say that it gets better with time. My first trimester was pretty bad with the eating but once I started the second trimester my appetite was alot better and I was able to keep the good down.  Its all about time. Hope it helps.

  • As far as your emotions go, I'd suggest just letting them out.  Talk to people about them, cry when you need to.  For the eating I'd suggest very small amounts frequently throughout the day.  I had sickness so bad that I was even throwing up off of even half a cracker.  I'd say to just nibble what you can for now.

  • It's rough being pregnant. You have no control over your body and it's more than frustrating, it can be downright embarrassing. My advice is to try and keep your stress down as much as possible.  This will help keep your emotions in check. And when you have to wig out, go ahead. If being pregnant isn't a good enough excuse, then what is?

    As for the nausea, you may just have to ride that out. Sucking on hard candy and making sure I ate every few hours really helped. Hope you're feeling better!

  • I'm passionate & emotional to begin with not pregnant but pregnancy is making it more difficult to maintain composure & I hate losing face in front of people.  I noticed since I got pregnant, when angery or upset, I can actually feel my blood pressure boiling or simmering through my veins/arteries throughout my entire body.  I never experienced this sensation before! 

    I try to just step away from the situation for a good amount of time and breathe deeply by myself.  The last thing I want to do is transfer negativity to the baby or detract his oxygen supply b/c of emotional upheavals.  I know it is difficult on my partner too since he has to be more patient than ever.  Not looking forward to post-partum!  Watching something funny works very well actually.

  • Ok first for the sick part, what helped me was eating small meals full of protien like snacking on cheese and small pieces of chicken.  Stay away from spices they hurt on the return trip.  Also a favorite of mine was canned fruit in fruit juice (not heavy syrup).  That stayed down really well, and kept you hydrated.

      As for the emotions I know its easier said than done, but just keep telling yourself it will pass.  My dad was terminally ill and was looking forward to my baby.  I knew he wouldn't make it to my delivery date and it was so hard to hear him talk about the future and knowing he wouldn't see it.  I was dealing with the normal emotions as well as the sadness of watching him get worse.  I kept telling myself it will get better and I can't let myself get so upset, its not good for me or the baby. looking back now my emotions were not that bad what drove me crazy was how everyone else was treating me.  "don't lift that dish from the oven you're pregnant"  I just wanted to scream I am not helpless just a tad bit overweight in the front":)  Hope that helps.

  • Like everyone has said, emotions are all over the board during pregnancy due to the hormones. Talk with your doctor if you are concerned about your behavior or worried you may do something dangerous. Severe depression, crying uncontrollably, feeling constantly blue....these are not normal pregnancy symptoms and you may need some help getting them under control.

    That being said, emotional mood swings are a part of pregnancy and usually I noticed that they got worse when I was tired. If you find yourself crying because your pizza is running late,  try taking the hint that you may need a nap. It is amazing what an hour or two of good sleep can do for your mood.

    Hope this helps, let us know how you are!


  • Dejavina, how has everything been going? Any improvements? Hope all is well.