I had my baby shower

  • It was a smaller one than the one I had with my son. I didn't need many things, just clothes and some linens. I also need breastfeeding stuff, but I didn't get any. I think we are good on clothes. I just need to get some breastfeeding covers, nursing pads, storage containers, and some bassinet sheets and I will have all I need

    It was a really cute little shower. We had a cute girly, pink cake, pink decorations such as plastic clothes pins and baby blocks, etc. We had finger foods and soda as well. I really enjoyed the fruit kabobs that were made. My son also got some gifts which was very nice. We played a game where you couldn't say 3 words (pink, girl, and cute). Everyone had a clothes pin and if you said one of the words it got taken away and the last person with the pin won. We also had a diaper raffle. If you brought diapers you were entered into a raffle to win something. We also played one more game (played at my last shower as well) where you cut some yarn, guessing how big around the mother to be tummy is.

    How has everyone else baby showers went? What games did you play? Was there a theme? What kind of foods and drinks did you have? Do you like smaller ones or bigger ones?

  • To funny, we played the same clothes pin game at the last shower that I attended.  It was fun and I was surprised how hard it was to not say that word "Baby" (was our word)!  It brought out lots of laughter.  The funny thing about baby showers is that they bring together people from all aspects of our lives, and so it can be a bit funny at first as no one really knows one another directly.  That has been my experience at least. I'm so glad that you had fun at your shower.  It sounds like it was just perfect!  One game I remember playing at some shower was where they melted chocolate candy bars in diapers and you had to smell and inspect each diaper to determine what candy bar was in each diaper.  Then you kept a list and whoever got the most candy bars right was the winner.  I think I'm still a bit grossed out but i have like the weakest tummy ever.  Again, glad you had a fun day.  When is your baby due again?  -Jess

  • Aww, so great! I'm glad you had a great time. I think every baby should be celebrated!! I did a "Ready to Pop" shower for my girlfriend! We had popcorn bags for treats to take home and all the food was "pop" themed (cake pops, fruit pops (fruit on a skewer), etc). We played games with guests putting a balloon under their shirt the size of the mommy-to-be. Closest person to her size won a prize. We also did a celebrity baby name quiz. It was fun! So happy for your little girl to come. :-) 

  • That baby diaper game with the candy sounds fun! I am due August 16th. :)