Pregnancy and the Summer – Share your Survival Tips!

  • Last summer I was pregnant with my 5th child during the worst heat wave in about 100 years. It was brutal but I survived rather well. I spent a lot of the day in a pool! I also found that placing frozen washcloths on the back of my neck made me less overheated! How do you survive the summer during a pregnancy?--Bonnie, Strongmoms facilitator

  • Oh my gosh, MommyRN4 that sounds like misery.  You must be glad to be "just" chasing that little one around this summer!  I think cold drinks and staying hydrated is so important in summer heat.  I vote for good blenderized juices/smoothies!  These can be calorie dense, but adding ice, low fat yogurts and some juice can help keep them healthy.  Also drinks with seltzer water mixed in can be refreshing.  My favorite right now is cranberry juice mixed with talking rain.  YUM!  


  • I am due in August, so I will be dealing with some heat. It's in the 90's from tomorrow through Wednesday! It's supposed to be 98F Monday and Tuesday. Our apartment stays really cool though without an air conditioner or even a fan on, but it hasn't been this hot yet, so we will see. I would love to go swimming to keep cool.

  • I'm wondering how everyone is doing in this heat?  We are having record highs in the pacific northwest.  Stay cool!!!


  • We are cool here in th midwest! Funny--now that I am NOT pregnant! LOL!

  • I've always wanted a belly for swimsuit season...and then I got pregnant and found out hot flashes lol mine were never really bad, but I had them mostly during the winter. I always filled my tub with pool temp water and sat in there...didn't have a pool or know where a community one was.

  • I've been pretty miserable lately. It's been hot and humid here. Any other time I could handle it, but now I just feel horrible. I managed to use our community pool which felt great. I have even found that taking a couple quick, cool showers helped to cool me off, but it felt that only after a few minutes of getting out, I wanted to get right back in! We don't have AC in the house and it can get VERY hot in this house. The most we can do is put a fan in a few of the windows to help pull in the cool air at night. According to my thermostat, it's got as high as 90-95 degrees in the house, hotter than it even was outside.


    But the best I have been doing to keep cool is just a quick, cool shower and on rare occasions, filling up the bathtub with cool water and keeping it filled (only for that day) should I feel the need to hop back in again. :P

  • The past few weeks have been HOT out here in Boston. I will be 29 weeks in 2 days so I have the rest of the summer to go and the only relief I get is sitting in the water (with one of those foam noodles) because it is just too hot outside. If I'm not in the water, I am inside the house with a sweater on because my husband likes the AC at about 65 degress... I can't win either way!!!

  • Pop sickles are great to eat in the heat.

  • With my daughter, I was pregnant in the winter and it wasn't too bad. With this one I am due first week of October and I just trying to survive the heat. I try to spend as little time outside because the humidity is so bad, but that's hard to do when you have a 16 month old who wants to go go go. So I try to make her play time outside very early in the morning or in the late evening. Otherwise I just try to stay in the AC.

  • The heat is sure picking up-even out here in the Pacific Northwest.  I wanted to check in and see how all our moms are handling the heat.

    Updates?  Ideas to stay cool?


  • I have been trying to stay inside, and I have discovered a deep and abiding love for shaved ice.  ;)

  • It's a hot summer now too I can't stand this heat being pregnant now it's over good thing