Did you Experience the Nesting Instinct?

  • The nesting instinct is incredibly powerful and every time I am pregnant, I find myself cleaning the house from top to bottom. I even cleaned grout with a toothbrush once! What bizarre “nesting” stories do you have? Did you go through a “nesting” period when you were pregnant? --Bonnie, Strongmoms facilitator

  • I have no nesting instinct. This is my 4th pregnancy, but only my 2nd to get to 3rd trimester. My house is just a mess and have no desire to straighten it. Its not like a hoarders home or anything, its lived in by a toddler so toys are out of place and laundry not folded and put away type of mess.

  • I had nesting in my first pregnancy and in this one too. it seems to start for me around 24 weeks. I keep wanting to get things done even when there is nothing to get done!

  • Oh i was too exhausted to "Nest".. Most of my focus was on getting my daughters crib finished since it was built by her dad. So my nesting came out in the form of sanding and sanding and more sanding to make sure that wood was splinterless. 

  • MommyRN4-Do you want to come over with toothbrush in hand?!  I have some cleaning that needs to be done.  :) Just kidding.  I'm not much of a nester, but i do like things in their place.


  • Nesting is and has been going on for me for a while now! I have scrubbed walls, floors, and can not stand when something is out of place. I am a neat freak as it is, but this is insanity! Now that I am 34 weeks, I do not have as much energy, so I make my fiance do what I can't. I actually crave the sound of scrubbing, as weird as that may be haha!

  • Never did, but I kept my house pretty clean bc it was just me. Unlike my bf I clean up after myself lol! If he lived with my during the second half of my pregnancy maybe.

  • I ripped everything out of the closets around here and made major trips to Goodwill to drop off boxes of random junk and clothing and rearranged the house...so I guess my answer is yes!! :-p

  • I've had somewhat of a nesting experience. It seemed to really happen when I was around 26 weeks and I was cleaning all sorts of crazy stuff. I even vacuumed my ceiling! lol But now, I haven't been going too crazy. I'm into my 37th week and I at least just try to keep up on the dishes, make sure laundry is caught up and my kitchen stays relatively clean. At the same time, I do have 4 pets and when it's the summer months, they shed really bad so I gotta keep up on vacuuming the floor or else I have fur patches all over the place. haha

  • I keep purging things from closets and cabinets, and I keep baking.  I normally hate baking.  It must be nesting.

  • Hahah VideoGameMom- cleaning the ceilings? That's pretty intense!! 

    Midnight - Sounds about right!! How far along are you?