twice a wk appointments

  • So... This is my 2nd pregnancy to make it to the 3rd trimester. With my first who is now 16 months, I had to do twice weekly testing. I ended up on bed rest with her due to high risk due to hemorraging and elevated blood pressure. Now I am 26 weeks along and my Dr. is requesting I start up the twice a week appointments again. He is concerned due to slightly elevated blood pressure and the fact I went into early labor (it was stopped and she was born 39w1d) with my first around this time frame. I really don't mind, because he is being precautious and getting my baby here safely is my top priority.

    I was just wondering if anyone else has had twice a week testing and when their appointments started: appointments are for BPP one day and NST the second day. Just curious because this is my pregnancy normal: whereas other mommas do bi-weekly starting between 28-30 weeks, and then go weekly after 36.

    Does it make you feel different than other pregnant people, seeing the Dr twice as much as others as far along as you?

  • It can be difficult to do things " out of the ordinary" when you are pregnant, but your doctor is just being cautious with you---which is a good thing. Keep your spirits up and focus on the fact that you don't have much farther to go!!! Good luck

  • I don't have to go twice a week, but I do have to go once a week instead of biweekly. I am almost to my last month, so it would have happened soon anyway. It is for your safety and your baby's though. It is good to do.

  • I think the thing to focus on is what a gift it will be to have a healthy baby sister or brother for your daughter!  I just love the picture of the two of you in your profile and your daughter is just beautiful!  What a busy mamma you are going to be chasing two of them around the house!

    Focus on healthy!