It's getting close!

  • It is getting very close to the time for me to have my baby! It kind of just hit me yesterday how soon it will happen. i have a month and a half to go (give or take)! I am guessing she will be 2 weeks early like my son was. I am guessing I will go into labor August 1st or that she will be born on August 1st. I am very excited! I am trying a VBAC this time and I am going to a different birthing center this time. I even just got a new OB doctor (had to in order to go to the hospital I want to go to). She is really nice and supportive. I have an appointment Wednesday and I plan on showing her my Birth Plan to see what she thinks of it! I hope all goes well!

  • So exciting!!! We will be thinking of you and can't wait til you post on here that you had your baby! Keep us informed of events in the next month.

  • I will. I have been having to take it easy since my body is trying to get ready for labor already. I have to make it at least 2 more weeks to be at 27 weeks.

  • Ah, best of luck on your VBAC! That's so great that you found a supportive OB - I hope your transition goes well! Will be thinking of you. :-) 

  • You mean 37 right? I hope that everything is going well!

  • Oh yeah I meant 37 lol.

  • Sending good thoughts to you for a healthy, easy and joyful delivery!