Hi All- Just joined today- Question

  • I will be 12 weeks on Saturday and I was wondering when I should start showing? I am so excited to start seeing my little one grow!!!!!!! Let me know your thoughts



  • The best advice ever: when your baby decides to let everyone know they are in there!

    But it Depends on your body build and frame type and if this is your first pregnancy- Everyone has different times for "belly bump" sitings.

    With my first pregnancy I didn't have a bump to show until I was 26 weeks along. I woke up one morning and was like Whoa! I can't see my feet: I saw them last night. With my next pregnancy I looked pregnant at 10 weeks, then miscarried. My current pregnancy I looked huge at 8 weeks. Now at 6 months I get asked pretty regularly if I am due soon or get told you look ready to pop. So don't rush wanting to look pregnant, cause its gets tiring and rude when people start making comments like are you sure your not carrying twins, why your big for not being far along, etc..

    Just enjoy your pregnancy! I am pretty sure you are already showing your happiness.

  • I am 24 weeks and just starting to really show, still can't really tell if I am wearing a flowy shirt, but it just really depends on each persons body. Some start to show earlier than others. I think it is usually between 4-5 months for most. I have also read several places that if it is your first you tend to show later, this is my second.

  • Congrats!!! and welcome to the site!!! Women start showing at different times. There are a lot a variables like whether or not you are heavy set, the position of the baby, and your frame.. I started showing around 13 weeks but people started noticing at 21 weeks.

  • TJ-

    Welcome to Strongmoms!  I'm so glad that you found us.  It sounds like these two have answered your question pretty well so I just wanted to welcome you and say I'm glad you are here!


  • Welcome to Strong Moms! Like the others said, it can be a while with your first one and everyone starts to show differenty and at different times. I started wearing maternity clothes at 16 weeks with my first, but earlier with my others. My friend didn't start wearing maternity clothes until 22 weeks! Congratulations and let us know how it goes.

  • Just wanted to say welcome!! Everyone is right - each body is different! I showed super early - by 10 weeks for sure with both my boys. I had friends who didn't hardly have to wear maternity clothing at all! Hope your pregnancy is smooth and wonderful! 

  • Everyone starts showing at different times. I didn't start showing until 5 months and I haven't really started showing a lot until 7 months (same as my first pregnancy, this is my second). It depends on your body type and how you are carrying the baby.

  • congrats and glad you joined...everyone here as already told you how each and everyone is different and that is so true...so with all that already said, i will tell you enjoy your pregnancy, every moment of it ( even the bad stuff )...all the ladies here are great and supportive,  if you need that extra group of sholders to lean on or just need an out side oppion...they are great...so congrats agian and enjoy