Baby Shower Ideas

  • I am going to be throwing my best friend from junior high a baby shower in a few months. She is pregnant with her first child and I’d love for the shower to be extra special. I, however, live in a very small townhome and need to have the shower somewhere other than my house. Could you all give me some suggestions about “alternative” locations to have a baby shower and some fun things to do? -- Julie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • you could go throw one at a park gazebo, you can rent out hotel banquet rooms, you could reserve a section at olive garden and all the food would be taken care of (They have excellent soup, salad, and bread stick lunch... )... Or another restaurant would work too. HMMMMM maybe one of your other mutual friends has an area large enough and could help you out there... 

  • Lots of restaurants have back rooms that are nice and big for a party. Sometimes there is a neighborhood rec center or YMCA that will have party rooms too. You could also meet at a park or ask a friend if they would consider their house.

  • Thanks for the suggestions!! I think I am going to try and ask a mutual friend of ours if she has room at her house for a shower. She moved last year and I haven't seen her new place so I'm not sure. I love the other ideas and think a restaurant will work if we can't find anything else. I'll let you know! 

  • My shower is this Saturday and I am having it at my grandmother's house, I recently went to a baby shower at a banquet hall and I just wasn't the biggest fan of everyone sitting around at these tables. My shower is going to be more of a cookout/party (I am also having a jack/jill shower, many of my friends are bringing their husbands and many men from my family are coming.) I think it will make it a more personal experience, everyone is free to walk around and mingle in the house or backyard as opposed to being in a confined room with 10 tables. This is just what I prefer, everyone is different.

  • We had my baby shower at my fiance's grandparents house. You could always ask someone if they are okay with you using their house. You could also have one at a park if the weather is nice.

  • That's actually a great idea - my grandmother has a nice back yard and house. She has a bit of difficulty getting around and might enjoy having the shower in her home to give her a chance to socialize. Thanks everybody!