Not much longer now - VERY freaked out

  • Congrats - I'm so happy for you!! Your labor story is pretty crazy - way to go! I hope everything continues to be fairly easy for you and that you are able to bond and just enjoy being a mother. :-) Hugs. 

  • I know EXACTLY how you feel right now and just keep in mind that this WILL pass. It is only a phase that lasts a short period of time. I know it's really hard when you feel like you are doing it all on your own and while in pain at that, but somehow as each day passes the pain fades and the babies start to adjust to life outside the womb. I would definitely suggest talking to your babies doctor about his crying issues if you think he is getting gassy from his formula, it could very well be something different also.. so make sure you bring those concerns to light so that baby will start to feel better and you will start to be less stressed out. It could also just be a comfort issue and he just wants to be held. New babies really need that comfort and the feeling of being held close so maybe you could start swaddeling him really snug to help him feel  more comfortable. is it possible he is getting cold or too hot?.. Unfortunately there are so many variables and they will have to be weeded out one by one if he checks out medically, but as with everything use your common sense and if you feel like he is in discomfort then ta

  • It's a possibility you may need to change formulas - talk to your pediatrician. Another tip, though, is to stimulate the womb environment for your little man. The womb is LOUD (heart beat, voices, lung sounds, etc), tight, and moving. Turn a white noise machine up and swaddle him nice and snug when putting him down. A rocking swing, etc can help get a baby to sleep nicely. This is one of the hardest parts - it's such a SHOCK to the system to have a new baby in the house who doesn't seem to want to sleep!! Sleep all you can during the day when he naps and try to get some help from other people in your life as well - it takes a village! :-) 

  • Ok here is the rest of my post... My daughter decided to help out by sending it before i was finished typing haha.. anyway just talk to your doctor and hang in there it will get easier. I aslo agree with Julie loud steady noises do help a lot. so if you don't have a white noise machine other options are static on a radio station, a box fan, or you might even be able to buy a cd with womb sounds (I don't know if they make them or not, but what an ingenious idea)

  • I'm so glad that he is here! It is hard to get sleep when you bring a new baby home. If your husband is home or if you have family in town, get them to hold the baby while you get a NAP! Never underestimate a nap for helping you get through a rough night. If he cries a lot, try swaddling him very snuggly and then laying him on your chest. A swing or a vibrating bouncy seat is also a lifesaver. Let us know how you are doing and don't be afraid to ask family to help!