Pregnancy Photos


    When I was pregnant with my two boys, I never got maternity photos taken. I sort of wish I had documented this time a little better. Did any of you get maternity photos done? What locations did you do them at? I might get some done if we have one more child! ~Julie, Strongmoms Facilitator

  • My sister did, but ultimately she was unhappy with them because she looked "fatter" than she thought. LOL! I think being pregnant is rough and can be difficult to see yourself in all your glory. It would be neat to take photos of your growing belly each month from the side, so you can see your progress.

  • I only took pictures of my progress. I took some every month with my son and this time a few less, but I have taken more recently as I get closer to my due date. I have not gotten professional ones done though.

  • With our fourth baby, we had my three girls pose with my wife at a local photo studio. My wife was self conscious about her weight gain, but the pics are a treasure now that the baby is here.

  • I really worried about my weight gain with my first and I felt so sad about it after he was born! I missed him so much after being out of my tummy and regretted wasting time worrying about my weight and not just enjoying him. I tried really hard with my second to just savor my pregnancy. Society is so hard on pregnant women and women are hard on each other too! :-/ 

  • I find it sad that we live in a culture that has such harsh standards of beauty, and even more sad that so many women fall into the traps of those standards.  I applaud all of you for standing tall and taking those pictures! I really love the pictures that have both mom and dad in them.  Also-the pictures with siblings. It would be amazing to have pictures of those early days (the pre-days!) with big sis and or brother.  I know you, your children, and family will treasure them forever.  


  • I actually just got a photo taken for my pregnancy. It was unplanned and a freebee, so I figured why not?

  • Good, MissPammie! I hope it turns out fabulous! You'll always love that picture when your kiddos are grown! :-) I think if we have one more kid, I will do them for sure. Something precious about that time of your life. :-) 

  • Very cool Pammy!  Hope that they turn out great :)