Best Pregnancy Moment—Share Your Stories!

  • Seeing my first child on ultrasound was by far the best pregnancy moment of my life! I couldn't believe all that was going on in there! What is your best pregnancy moment?--Bonnie, Strongmoms facilitator

  • It's so hard choose! Hearing the heart beat for the first time is amazing, but so id seeing the ultrasound. I can't decide between seeing the ultrasound/ finding out the sex of the baby and feeling the baby move for the first time.

  • Maybe we should go for the top three best moments?!! Big SmileSmile


  • I would have to say the excitement of sharing the news with family and friends. Such a memorable moment!

  • Being a first time mother I have so many, but one of my favorite moment is seeing my son on the ultrasound and hearing his heartbeat for the first time. Big Smile

  • I think that heartbeat is like magic!  -Jess

  • Im 39 yrs. old n I agree......I had a dr. appt. the other day n they couldn't hear the heart beat so the took me over to another room n did an ultrasound n they found him his heart was beating perfectly "What a scare" But is so comical is that he was waiving his hand and food as to say "HERE I AM" hes only 20WKS. old and is already a comedian like his :)

  • Wow , I am deaf . Of course I can't hear her heartbeat . I found out that I'm pregnant when I was 5 months pregnant. Yes , it was very small tummy ! Hard to find that I'm pregnant and even worse yes I was still on woman thing. The day was my best best moment , when I found out that I'm pregnant and once they show me a ultrasound and I see there's a tiny baby inside me and found out the sex of baby is a girl that's the MOST exciting me and special moment !!!! That's only day is my special memories of pregnancy moment !!! :) 

    Now my daughter is 4 months and very special to me ! :D 

  • What a wonderful memory!  Almost made me cry!!  Thanks so much for sharing.  :)  -Jess

  • LLBM - the heart beat is an AMAZING moment. So thrilling. :-)

  • TBCBTB - what a little jokester! No more scaring your mother, young man! Glad all is well and that is swimming around nicely. :-) Congrats on your little boy - I have two and think they are the best ever!

  • Lilah - Congrats on your little girl! What a story - sounds like it was probably the best day and most shocking day of your life! What is your little girl's name?

    I'm hearing impaired and have a cochlear implant - fun to meet someone else on here with deafness/hearing loss. Looking forward to keeping in touch on here hopefully!