Maternity Clothes

  • What is your favorite place to get maternity clothing? Do you find that you can make regular clothing works sometimes? I was always excited when I could just modify my regular clothing and save a little bit of money. Long skirts could always be worn under the belly and some of the longer, flowing shirt styles this last summer were helpful with my pregnancy! I’d love to hear your tips and tricks. -- Julie, Strongmoms Facilitator

  • When i was pregnant i worked the majority of the time so i didn't really have much choice in the shirt that i could wear. (It was a sky  blue spandex sport shirt, the new walgreens well shirts) When i wasn't working i just wore t- shirts that would cover my belly (I'm not super fashionable). As for my pants i was taught a trick by one of my walgreens customers. She told me to take a hair tie and stick it through the button hole on my pants then wrap the looped ends around my button. It keeps your pants tight enough to stay on, but they have enough give so that they don't squeeze. So i went throught my entire pregnancy being able to wear my pre pregnancy Jeans.. What a nice feeling!

  • With my last 3 pregnancies, I rarely bought maternity clothes. Target sells some great cotton shorts with elastic waistbands that I wore under the belly, long t-shirts from those stores work well and they stretch over your belly and you look cute and a little stylish for a lot less money!

  • Goodwill, Marshalls, and other 2nd round or seconds stores.  I love a good deal and I do love to shop those that makes these "Round two" stores the ideal place to get these short term needs met!  Where have others had luck? I agree with MommyRN4 in that you simply can't go wrong with Target!


  • Brinny - the hair band trick is a great one!! I used it for a while but I gained too much weight in my legs/hips to be able to wear my pre-pregnancy jeans for very long. The joys of pregnancy!