my weird food craving

  • a week ago i had this weird craving for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with mustard ketchup pickels maynoisse soy sauce and cookies all blended together and im 29 weeks pregnant this is my first pregnancy is this normal im only 19 years old and just curious

  • It sounds like your body was in "salty AND sweet" craving mode!  Everyone is different and i don't know that there is a normal or not normal-but I can surely see the sweet/salty connect!  One of my favorite-popcorn with M&Ms mixed in.  It does make for a good treat AND the popcorn turns multi-colored from the M&Ms.  

    Congrats on your pregnancy and so excited that you are at 29 weeks!  You are in the final stretch. :)


  • That is one unusual combination but I've heard of a lot worse! You are perfectly normal to crave bizzare things when you are pregnant. I used to drink pink grapefruit juice with pizza! BUT I have to did it taste? LOL! Was it good? Sometimes the most unusual combinations are also the best!

  • Did you actually make it and eat it?? Hahah - that's quite a combo! I can't say I had any food cravings that complex!!

  • I think that is pretty normal. I attend a class and there is expo markers in here and if I don't smell them my leg goes crazy and my anxiety goes up. I licked a rose the other day because I wanted to eat it and the smell of finger nail polish wants me to eat it ... but I know I cant. And there is something with the smell of cold cold water lol .

  • Autumnbd - I will admit to the fact that I love the smell of expo markers as well. I haven't really mentioned that to anyone before! lol

  • That is very strange, but I have heard of some pregnant women wanting some strange food. Maybe your body is wanting salt, that is a lot of salty stuff (aside from the jelly). I only craved spicy in my 1st pregnancy and chocolate in my second pregnancy and Coke a Cola lol.

  • MissPammie-

    So funny that with your second pregnancy your cravings were so different than with your first.  Did you find other big differences between your two pregnancies?


  • If you still crave roses, you can buy edible rose water and mix it in with tea or when making baked goods (like vanilla cupcakes). Its pretty popular in Near Eastern cooking and really yummy :)

  • DP_nyc - that's a really interesting idea! Thanks for the tip! Hopefully Autumnbd will see your post. :-) 

  • Rose water is a good idea..but a little goes a long way I am told! There are even exotic ice creams that feature rose as an ingredient