the longest pregnancy

  • Am I the only one that because i find out relatively early that I'm pregnant that it seems way loooooooonger than nine month and i get so anxious. I see other ppl get pregnant and have their baby in a blink of an eye and i get sooooo jealous. I feel childish as I write this, but really am i the only one guys? 

  • Nope!! You are quite normal!! I found out about my first boy at about 5 weeks and it was a loooong pregnancy for me. I think you don't see other people daily and so when you run into them after a while, you can see lots of change in their stomach size and before you know it, they are having their baby. With yourself, it's a little harder to notice all the changes and daily life can get pretty boring sometimes. When are you due?? Hang in there!

  • Isn't it funny how time slows when we are waiting on something, but when we want it to slow down it seems to speed up!?!  I so hear what you are saying,

    Hang in there,

  • No it is perfectly normal. I found out right at the 4 week mark with all my kids and it does make for a rather long pregnancy. But I feel like it goes a bit faster from 16-34 weeks. Then it slows down the last month or two!!!

  • There is definitely nothing wrong with your question and your feeling that way. I am pregnant with my fourth child and I found pretty early also. I had an idea around 4 weeks but I officially tested around 5 weeks. This is really going to be a long pregnancy because this is the last and at 14 weeks, I look like I'm 5-6 months,  have all day morning sickness and pelvic/back pains. How far along are you and when did you find out? 

  • Ashulitax - I know it's only been a few days but wanted to check in and see how you are doing.  Hang in there, would love an update when you are up to it,


  • oh wow thank you, i hadn't had the chance to get in front of a pc but i do get the emails of replies in my phone. I went to Dr.'s appt. and started my prenatal, im not having morning sickness per say but i do find myself eating every 2 hrs to avoid getting nauseous wich for me its a big improvement from past pregnancy. Its anyone else due in April 2014 and has anyone started looking at baby stuff yet? <3xoxo  

  • i feel for you...i am now 25/26 weeks and its feels like forever also...i found out at about 3 weeks that i was pregnant and one of my friends was barley pregnant when i found out i was...she has already had her beautiful baby boy and i feel like december is to far away...time is going so slow, it feels like im am a kid agian waiting for christmas ; -}


  • Well, 40 weeks is actually about 10 months lol. I was due August 16th and had my baby on the 20th. I thought it was weird that she was late since she was my second and my first was 2 weeks early. It only feels like a long time, I think it seems that way when it's you who is pregnant. Mine seemed to go by fast this time until I had about a month to go. The days just seemed to drag on and on. Don't worry, you'll get through it.

  • im due in january the first week this is my second and i wish i was like u not noticing how far alomg i am lol i am showing now and i didnt wit my first and i didnt look at baby stuff till i was closer to my due date lol i find that if i start looking now im going to wish things would go alot faster lol