First Time Mom Worries

  • What are your fears and worries if you are a first time mom? What concerns you most about your pregnancy and parenting? Share the things on your mind and maybe others can give some good advice and encouragement! ~Julie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • I wasn't really worried too much with my first one. The baby I just had I worried about premature birth, but she ended up being 3 days late haha! I was on rest from 35 to 37 weeks because I was 50% effaced and 1cm dilated already and having consistent contractions. Then at 38 1/2 weeks I was 3cm. I was 3cm for so long. It worried me and made me impatient haha. I thought I was never going to go into labor on my own!

  • Hahah - it seems that sometimes your one fear never even becomes an issue!! I was worried about pushing - would I be able to push? What if I couldn't pull it together and do that well? Instead I had to worry about my boy having inhaled some of the meconium at birth - the pushing happened in 10 minutes...go figure!!

  • I think I've ran the gamet of worries! I'm at 26 weeks and not enjoying pregnancy at all ... I've Worried about labor how long it will take, how far I am from my doctor if I go into labor early ... I'm due in December and in Wyoming so the weather could be anything... worried that I'll end up having her on the side of the road in December!!! oh, and  if she'll be early, too early or late, if she'll be a big baby (I'm not a big person) or small...worried about postpartum depression, what if we don't bond... OMG there are so many things to worry about...

    and then other days I'm fine! I guess it comes and goes.  :-)


  • When I find myself worrying to much I try to remind myself that worrying will not help anything, and it may in fact just make things worse.  I try to have faith.  It's hard though!


  • Whoapaint - you aren't alone in not really enjoying pregnancy. I never really loved being pregnant and always had some things that weighed on me. Just know that in the end of it all, your little baby will be highly worth it and pregnancy will be a distant thing of the past. It seems like the more information we get, sometimes the more anxiety we have. Sometimes I just have to stop reading books, watching tv shows, and just do something distracting and relaxing. Hang in there!!