What is that Smell—Pregnancy Hypersensitive Smells!

  • When I was pregnant, I was hypersensitive to smells—especially pungent smells like dirty diapers. Did you experience this? How did you survive?  I had to get peppermint balm to place under my nose to help me cope with life!--Bonnie, Strongmoms facilitator

  • Oh my goodness. When i was pregnant I was so sensitie to smells taht i coul dsmell frozen food... SOOOOO DISGUSTING!!!!!! I would put a perfume that i could stand on my shirt and whenever i had to deal with something that i knew the smell was going to make me sick I would cover my nose with my shirt so the perfume would mask whatever smell i was trying to avoid. (NOTE: does not work with v-neck shirts). Often i found myself anticipating the bad smell which would only make it worse.

  • I just about died going past the fresh seafood at the store. UGH!

  • Yep--seafood was a big one...so was the smell of raw meat of any kind. It made it hard to cook dinner.

  • With my most recent pregnancy I felt like I had a useless super power that was super smelling abilities. The only way to make it better was for me to leave the area of the smell I disliked.

  • mine is fish when i walk by somewhere that has fish cooking all i can smell is the fish and then all i  go want to go and eat some good fish. another one is the resteraunt behind my work when i work till closing all i smell is longhorns steakhouses food and it drives me insane lol

  • Deafood was definitely horrible.. and ground beef... I can remember our grocery store stoking canteloup and watermellon, and honey dew mellon in the entry of the grocery store and having to hold my breath to get past it... Oh goodness that sucked.


  • Hahaha - we can all agree on seafood and beef, then! ICK! 

  • I agree with the seafood. & sometimes walking outside. When I was first into my pregnancy if I walked outside past a restaurant I would instantly gag

  • I had the super smell sense too... I couldn't handle fragrances of any kind (even my husband's cologne, which I normally like) and cigarette smoke was especially horrible (more so than usual).

  • Anything with a strong aroma - even a good one can be too much when you are pregnant. I hated perfume - because it was just too strong.


  • Hello,


    Honestly omgggg I had the worst time with that as well, I could smell metal within vegetable cans I could taste the metal from the green beans sitting in the can! I could smell the freezer the fridge, what this apartment really smells like because they didn't clean it completly!! Cigarette smoke! Trash! you name it it bothered me! Everytime I came back into my apartment I dreaded it, what helped me was going over to my cousin Ginnys house because she has one of those nice brand new homes that always looks up to date pretty, and is always clean!!! 

    I was thinking maybe you can smell some relaxing home frangrances at the store before you purchase one! Then take it home and spread it on the carpet! 

    You could get some air smelly gels those are pretty fun to play with lol

    Maybe try putting dryer sheets around the house for a fresh smell

    Try to clean your carpets if you can that helps alotttttt!!! The smell I noticed tends to stay within the carpet its best if you have a really good steam carpet cleaner which cleans up dirty odors dirt bacteria etc.

    Oil diffusers/Candles

    The only other thing I could have thought of that would truly have worked was to go out and literally get one of those face masks from the hardware store!!!! I was seriously up for doing that! however I didn't have the money at the time!


    Cook really good smelling foods, bake an apple pie etc

    Stay in the bathroom for a bit and have a relaxing hot bubble bath place bathbeads, bathsalts, and or smelly oils that you can handle! Enjoy the smell of the steam!

  • Beachmom - 

    Oh, man! Apartments can be the worst sometimes! Our first one had a vent that led to our bathroom that was located on the outside of all the units. People used to stand right under it and smoke and then our bathroom smelled heavily of cigarette smoke. Not so great for my sensitive nose! I love all the tips you've got for making your house smell good! I may steal a few even though I'm not pregnant right now - lol. :-) 

  • My sense of smell is ridiculous right now. My DH and I were in the Living Room and I asked him "Do you smell that?". I walked around the house and went into the kids playroom. My 4yr old got the diaper cream and was rubbing it on the dresser. My DH couldn't believe I smelled it from the LR! (yeah, bad little boy, lol)

  • Hahaha - in some ways your sense of smell saved you from a huge disaster!! Way to go! :-p