Birth Plans

  • My midwife recommended writing out a birth plan for my son’s birth. It was a good chance to think through how I hoped my labor and delivery would go. Did any of you write birth plans? What aspects of your birth plan were important to you? ~Julie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • No, I never did and I wish I may have been easier to stick to than just the things floating around in my mind.

  • what is a birth plan? i never had one with my first. and with this one my doctors say i should have one?

  • My birth plan was to educate myself on labor and delivery to the highest extent that i could... and trust my doctor and her medical team.... All went according to plan. I didn't want to get a specific birth plan stuck in my head because things in my life rarely go as planned and i really wanted to stay flexible. The most important thing to me was that my daughter was born safely... and whatever route we needed to take to make that happen was ok with me.

  • It is so true that things hardly ever go as planned.  I commend you on your trust and flexibility Brinny.


  • Missy0809- A birth plan is a chance to write out your wishes and goals for your labor and birth! Health care providers are realizing that they need to hear from mothers about their expectations for their experience and work with them as best as possible to make those wishes a reality! 

    Some things you might think about in labor are...

    -What type of pain relief do you want? 

    -Who do you want in the room? 

    -Do you want the cord cut a certain way? Delayed? The father to cut it? 

    -Do you want to breast feed? Spend time with the baby on your chest right after birth? 

    -Do you want your baby to say in your room with you all the time? 

    Those are a few ideas - you can search for birth plan examples online and just be sure to include the things that matter to you! :-) Hope this helps!

  • Awesome description/explanation Julie.  Thanks so much for the info!  Missy0809, any other questions?