Dealing with grief while you are pregnant—how do you cope?

  • My grandmother recently passed away and my sister is pregnant and having a difficult time managing her grief. How did you deal with grief while you were pregnant? Did you find it more difficult to process your emotions? --Bonnie, Strongmoms facilitator

  • A member of our church community was pregnant when her sister was shot and killed in a freak accident. I was so worried about her and her pregnancy! What a horrible thing to have to deal with any type of death, especially while pregnant. 

    I think she was able to deal with things by talking to her boss and getting a few days off to just deal with her emotions and cope with things. Her husband made sure to just allow her time to talk and process things. Friends and family came around her and offered meals cooked and even paid for a massage to help her relax. I think, in the end of it all, she needed support and love just like anyone else. She later told me that her baby really helped save her because she would have just sunk into horrible depression without a baby needing her to care for her and who brought so much joy. It's a tough situation all around!