Bed Rest

  • My girlfriend is having twins! I’m so excited for her! She has been put on bed rest for preterm labor – what are some ways I can help keep her occupied? She doesn’t have any other kids to run around after, thankfully. Send some creative ideas my way! --Julie, Strongmoms facilitator 

  • Does she do any crafts?  Knitting? Quilting? Scrapbooks?  How about good books?  Internet games?  

  • Oh definitely knitting or crocheting.. even if she hasn't ever done it before; once she gets used to holding the hooks / needles and yarn there won't be anyhting to stop her creativity. There are so many things you can make for babies in yarn craft as well so while she is sitting there dreaming about her babies she can make some really cute things for them to wear. Hats are a great place to start because the projects go quickly enough to keep you from being bored and you quickly feel a sense of accomplishment. If she wants any crochet patterns let me know. I have a ton of hat patterns (preemie through mens sizes) and a newborn diaper cover pattern.

  • She could catch up on her reading obviously, journal her bed rest adventures, learn a new craft, or dive into finding an online job she could do from home. That can be fun. She could also do word puzzles, Suduku, or play video games. I like the ideas of sewing as well...

  • Another thoughts-a blog?  She might not think she has anything interesting to report while stuck in bed, but maybe she could start a discussion board on a good book, fun movie reviews, or...?  -Jess

  • I love the idea Jess.. Or she could do something similar to that movie Julie and julia. In it the main character decided that she was going to make one of Julia Childs recipes for every day of the year. and every night after she had made a new recipe she blogged about the process and the dish, and inevetably fell in love with French cooking. It could be fun to do somehting similar with something that she is passionate about.

  • I agree with the idea of a blog... just from the response that we get on StrongMoms, I think it can be very helpful and encouraging to see that others are empathetic and can help provide answers/support.

  • Brinny- i LOVE the Julie and Julia idea!  That is fantastic!  She could come up with some sort of theme to report in on (if not cooking)...  Another thought, being that we are in the expectant mother category it might be cool to review baby products-she could gain quite a following by doing that.  Or if she did want to do cooking, she could trial baby food recipes (make your own).  Oh the ideas are endless!

    :)  -Jess

  • Love these ideas! I'll share them with her - she is pretty tech-savy and also a funny person so a blog would probably turn out pretty nicely. :-) Thanks guys!

  • Julie-That is the perfect combo for webboard success!