• I am in my 12th wek and I had my first initial prenatal visit. I got to hear the heart beat. I think that it is so exciting to hear the heart beating. I hae been through this 2 times before but, I still have to say that it never looses the fun.

    s makinen

  • I know exactly what you mean :) I'm ten weeks along and this is my third time also but i had the first sonogram last tuesday and it was breathtaking to see my baby! However, as you can see by the time stamp of when i posted this, i am having some difficulty with things this time around, insomnia is the worst i think though.

  • Congratulations! Just wait for your first ultrasound, when you can see your little one squiggling around inside your belly. It's so cool!

  • That's when you know that you were meant to be a parent! WHen you already have two and the third one makes you so excited... as a father of two, I'm looking forward to going through it again someday!

  • I just recently went through my 3rd invetro cycle and finally I'm pregnant!  With Triplets!  I'm scared to death!  I knew this was a possibility but I am so in shock

  • Congrats!  I know I you feel in a way.  This is the second baby I carried to term, but my third pregnancy.  I cried a little every step of the way: the first time I heard his heart beat, the first ultrasound, when I first heard his cry, the first time I saw him, and finally the first time I held him.  Each child is a special gift for sure!Smile