• SO her goes the story.... I have a 5 month old daughter... and just the other  night I found out that I was PREGO AGAIN...Surprise

    I was shocked since I have been nursing and thought I could not get PREGO boy was I wrong. SO I am writing this post for encouragment/advise. Those of you ladies that have been or are in my shoes I need to know that this is ok.

    That I will be able to make it and give my little princess all the love and support that she needs in this crucial time in ther life.

    Thank you in advance....Wink

  • I have not been in your shoes, but I know it will be okay. Just hearing how you talk about your daughter tells me that you are a loving mother who will do whatever it takes to make sure that both of your babies are loved and taken care of. I can tell you that you will love your second just as much as your first and that your heart will grow even bigger than it is now. Best wishes!

  • Our daughters are 17 months apart, so I have some experience. We planned our daughters to be close together, but we certainly had/have the same concerns. Our baby is 4 months now, and the relationship between sisters is already amazing to watch. There have been some times when our older daughter gets a little jealous, but we have been sure to give her alone time with both parents.

    Our baby already idolizes her older sister, as she watches her every move. And our older daughter already is very protective of the baby, even though she is still short of two years old herself.

    Take it day by day and just the fact that you are already concerned about the affect a new baby will have on your daughter is a great sign. Meanwhile, you have 9 months to give your daughter all the attention you can!

    Congratulations, and remember that whatever short term attention problems you have will be more than compensated for by your children who will have a lifetime together as close siblings!

  • My situation is totally different than yours because my kids are over 4 years apart, but I just wanted to wish you luck.  All parents are different, but I know some who had their children close together and as pp said the children were able to develop a strong bond.  It sounds like you'll do fine since you already acknowledge that your daughter will need extra love and attention during this time.  Anyway, good luck!Smile

  • hi.  I just wanted to tell you that you are not alone.  I just had my daughter 09/29/08, I found out I was pregnant again when she was 3 months old, i am due again 09/13/09.  So, you are no alone.  If you want to talk or anything I'm here.  I don't know really know any advice.  Just taking it as it comes! lol

    But you will survive, and it will be ok.  There is some god awful looks I get now that I am 7months pregnant and she's only 9 months old!


    Married 2 Frankie, Momma 2 Austin (9 years old), Chloe (9 months old), & Soon 2 be Reagan! (due 09/13/09)

  • Thank you all for your words of encourgment, they mean a lot. I know that I am going to be ok and that both my children will know they are loved and get the attention that they need. 

    I guess I just needed to hear it from other people thank you Wink

  • I am in the same boat that you are in my son is 1 bout to be 2 and I am 7 months prego

    But my mom tells me that the love will come natural and the things that you are worried about the will be water under bridge and you will surprise how things will turn out.  Sometimes when we think about the bad things we over look the good things. Keep you trust and god and pray at all times that will be your guidance and let things flow. Big Smile

  • While this is certainly a stressful situation, I have every confidence that you will be a great mom to both of your children. So much of parenting is adjusting to these little twists and turns life throws at us. I, too, wasn't sure how I would be able to parent two children (and mine are 8 years apart!). What I learned is that you adjust to make things work and lean on as many people as you can when you need it. Best of luck and keep us posted! We're here to help.