Eating during pregnancy

  • Pickles and ice cream – the cliché pregnancy craving. Like many clichés however, there is a grain of truth to it. Pregnancy stirs up hormones and senses, which can lead to a desire for foods the mother usually won’t touch. Likewise it can turn her off of foods she regularly enjoys. And for some pregnancies she may never experience either. For my wife she couldn’t get enough of ice cream and the smell of popcorn was enough to make her nauseous. What was eating like during your, or your significant other's, pregnancy?

  • I ate full jars of greek peppers. It made me so sick and I ate them anyway. I also ate Boston Baked Beans non-stop. My dh bought me a case.

  • I'd eat the same thing every day for months at a time. My last pregnancy it was Quizno's Mesquite Chicken Sandwhiches, Buffalo wings, pasta and sauce with melted mozzarella cheese, and Carnation Instant Breakfast in cycles. Two staples: mozarella cheese and broccoli. We'd buy it by the 5-pound block at BJ's!

  • My wife loved popsicles too come to think of it, but I think she had a dual love of them. Not only did they taste great but they were great at calming her stomach when it was upset (usually before/because of/and right after morning sickness).

  • I had a period of time where I wanted green olives SOO bad.  I'm over that now though because I literally ate enough of them to make me sick.

  • For the last 8 weeks I've had a glass of chocolate milk before bed.  I've always loved it, but for some reason I just can't seem to stay away from it.  Occasionally I'll crave the Oreo Brownie Fudge Delight from Dairy Queen (and yes ladies it is as good as it sounds!).  The only strange thing I've noticed for me is that even though I enjoyed tomatoes before I became pregnant, they are now one of my favorite foods.  I've taken to buying whole ones at the grocery store and just slicing them and eating the fresh...I suppose it could be worse!

  • Lets see, baby 1: mcChickens from mcdonalds and chocolate milkshakes.  Baby 2: Loaded Italian Hoagies and pretty much anything under the sun.  baby 3 (still in the stages of development) Milk, which makes me gag, Rootbeer, which used to make me sick, Ginger ale, which the smell makes me gag.  basically every single thing that I never eat/ate because I really don't like it or just didn't eat it at all.... Yea thats what I crave. 

  • Hehehe, I can tell already you're third child is going to be an interesting one. I can't wait to hear what else he/she desires by the time the pregnancy is over Surprise!

  • well as of this point its massive amounts of chocolate, my brother got me a 3lb hersey bar christmas day and its almost gone..... so its been fun.

  • I also developed some very strong aversions during my pregnancies.  I don't like coffee anyway, but I can't even stand the smell of it when I'm pregnant.  I don't eat popcorn very often either and that's another smell that bothers me when pregnant.

  • It was/is difficult... at best, acid reflux, nausea...  nothing helped

  • i craved taco bell and wendy's more than anything.  i and i took a real liking to popcorn.  not much else changed though, well, i guess i started eating healthier and liked it.

    During my early pregnacy, i had bad morning sickness and food aversions and lost almost 30 lbs.  I worked at a summer camp and even seeing some of the food made me sick.  i'm glad i don't have to eat the same thing week after week ever again.

  • Food aversions/attractions can wreak havoc with eating habits, diets, and lifestyles in general during pregnancy. Losing weight, or gaining, are just some of the obvious signs. Thankfully it seems most moms here didn't suffer from extreme food issues. Do any of you know someone who has? What was it like for them?
  • Ok I no longer like you! LOL Now all I want is quesadillas, potatoes, and 99 cent nuggets! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! Where do you live anyway?

  • I'm only 5 weeks in on my pregnancy, but so far too much coffee makes me nautious, chocolate only in limited quantities unless I want a headache, parmesan cheese is out altogether, and coke products are out since they also upset my stomach.  Some of the foods I normally love are either out or only limited quantities.  And I normally love my chocolate :(