Eating during pregnancy

  • I wish I still had my pregnancy aversions. I might be able to drop these last several pounds! :) LOL.

  • Im into my fourth month and I love nachos from Taco Bell. Luckily they are pretty cheap now. And so far bacon, chicken and hot chocolate does not sit well with my stomach. But other than that I have not been craving much and have been able to eat my usual foods. We'll see with the months to come how my cravings and stomach are. Smile

  • Sorry to hear about the bacon and chocolate! (I love those!)

  • i ate everything in sight while pregnant.. i gained 65pounds Indifferent


  • So far I have had constant cravings for sweets and breads.  I know I shouldn't be eating a lot of them, but I just can't seem to help myself.  I've gained 20 lbs so far and I'm only 16 weeks in. 

  • I think its funny how so many woman can eat fast food..I use to LOVE fast food and since becoming pregnant I cant eat anything fast food...I do however love eating spagetti and ice cream and cereal...I also hate the smell of any minty chewing gum