Baby Names

  • Greetings,

    This is my husband & I first child.  WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  However, we have a little trouble finding the perfect name for our newborn.  Could someone please recommend a book or a website that we can search.  Thanks a million!

  • Congratulations! There are a ton of them out there, so a simple Google search can give you a lot of sites to choose from. Also, I would recommend sitting down and talking with your husband to see if there are any names that really sticks out to you. What we did was start there and then go to the Web sites and books to see what the meanings of the names are and the history of it. We wanted to choose names that meant something to us personally and culturally.

  • A trip to the bookstore will find any number of books, and a Google will pull up tons of websites with names. You should definitely talk with your husband about whether or not he has any names in mind already like WriteMommy10 suggests. Another thing to consider are the meanings of names. My favorite book we used (cant remember it's name off the top of my head sorry) had the origins of names in it as well as their meaning. I thought it was really cool to know where a name came from and what it meant, like Austin comes from the English, Augustine and (yada, yada insert history lesson here no one else cares about Wink). But you get the idea...

    Also try to think about being a kid on the playground, try not to give the other kids too much fodder when naming them. In my case my last name was automatic grounds for name-calling, so we avoided other names that could be rhymed or changed easily with/into bad words.

    One last tip - remember the intials!!! Depending on you last name and the name you pick you can end up with a child with the intials LOL or AFK or something even worse.

  • djnats,

    Here is the recent post from MSN on Names of the Year for 2008 and predictions for 2009.  Maybe something here will inspire you?

    My first child (almost 2 years old) we named Jamison which is my mom's madian name, and I guess last names as first names is a popular trend now ... although we didn't know this when we thought about naming him.  We wanted to honor our family's.  His middle name is his dad's first name and we all have the same sir name (which is my husband's sir name). 

    Our second child we are going the same route of honor family.

    Best of Luck ... this is the fun part ...  OH, also think about names that flow off the tongue when you are yelling at your teenager ... LOL!

  • I bought a lot of name books on Ebay for next to nothing. I went through and highlighted what I liked and had dh do the same thing. Then we sat down to see what we agreed on (it wasn't much).

    Initials are a biggie. I worked with a pharmacist who had to type his three initials on everything he filled. S.O.B. :)

    I also checked the top name lists to try to avoid anything from those. I didn't want my children to be one of ten kids in their class with the same name.

  • Yeah, ebay is a good place, so is as there's no bidding.  I bought and sold all my college books on this site.

  • Instead of putting out money on books, I prefer to use web sites.  I use and  I like because it was created by the authors of several top name books.  They specialize in helping you come up with more unique names.

  • Also keep in mind though original/uncommon names are great (Holden and Trent are my boys) try to use something that you child will be able to say and write (when school applies).  Its a shame when the children can talk but they can't say thier own name because its too complicated.  It also actually helps in the long run as well.  There was a study done in Philadelphia a number of years ago on names and how they impact getting a job in the future. 

  • we spend many weeks trying to come out with the name, i remember she will say names to me and i will say no,no,no,no to common, i wanted my little princess to have a name that no everyone has, so after so much thinking (we i think i got her name) she suprice me at the ultra sound with her name Zulyann Amaris for short Zuly where she come from with it i dont know but i did like it.

    so explore mix your names, what you will like to call her/him, many way to pick a name, also think in your baby personality will she like it, i knowmany people an i am one that dont like my name so good luck.

  • you should just find two names that you like and find a way to put them together. I really love the name kailyn for a girl. thats because i like the name kay and the name Lynn. Its prettyb simple if you can figure it out lol.

  • this is mine and my husband's first as well. When we first found out we came up with a girls name right away. But a boys name was so much harder (the first sign that pointed to me having a boy), cause we wanted to honor both sides of the family (his and mine). Finely we came up with Mikel (Michael) the name runs on both sides of the family, but we wanted it to be something different as well. so we came up with a sloution. We flipped his first and middle names and gave them to our son. (My parents still have a problem with the spelling, but they will soon learn to get over it.)

    Good Luck!!!!!

    Just remember that if your going for the honoring of familys make sure to concider both sides, cause you cant always be sure that your gonna have another,

    ~Stich's Mommie~ Pizza