• My due date was yesterday july 8th and still no babySad  I feel like she is just never going to come... Im going to be induced on the 14th wich is not far away but i was really hoping she would come on her own. I guess we will see what happens in the next few days maybe she will still come on her own. I feel like she is happy where she is and has no plans on coming out..

  • I feel your frustration. You just get to the point where your want your body back and to have the experience over with already. Fingers crossed that you won't have to wait much longer!

  • It feels like forever, but it will be here before you know it. I hope you go into labor before your scheduled induction. Have you had any signs of labor?

  • Don't feel bad my little girl seemed like she wanted nothing but to come out. I was finally induced June 8th after holding out 2 weeks more with meds to stop my contractions and steroid shots to help her lungs develop. And, she had jaundice. So believe me when I say your little girl staying in there a little longer won't hurt much. It hurts more to have a baby premature like I did. Being induced is not as bad as a lot people make it seem. I didn't really feel anything at all, not even when they broke my water. Congrats on your baby and good luck.

  • Our first daughter was two weeks like and each day seemed like a year... At least you have an absolute latest date it will happen now, and hopefully that gives you come solace. Don't worry... by this week next time, it will be like your baby has always been here! Good luck!

  • Congratulation on getting to your due date. I can only imagine the excitement and anticipation you must be experiencing. The baby is just comfortable in her surroundings, cant blame her. She has been there for the last 9  months and must feel safe in there. She'll come out when the time is right. Let us know how it goes.  Smile

  • Due dates are merely guesses as to when your precious bundle will arrive. Your doctor will be following you to make sure that the baby does not get too big or get in trouble, but it is not uncommon for first babies to be at least a week late. Put your feet up and enjoy the last few nights of sleep.Good luck and congratulations

  • I feel your pain. My first son was 14 days late (this was 18 years ago!) and my second son was 8 days late. When I past my due date with my second son, I cried every day. However, after having each baby, the joy I experienced made it clear that they were both worth the wait.

    This is my third baby and I am a scheduled C-section at 39 weeks. So, this will be my shortest pregnancy!


  • You should have your little one by now for sure!  I hope that everything went well.  In a way I know how you were feeling.  My son was a scheduled c-section, but knowing the date he was going to born on made the time pass so slowly!

  • Well i ended up waiting till my indution date. Im glad i was given a date for induction those last days went by so fast! I am so glad the experience is over with and i have my body back!

  • Yes the day finally came! i didnt sleep for the 2 nights leading up to it. I was so tired when i got there! and just got tireder. They said i was in early labor like a week befor my due date but it wasnt doing much so they sent me home. I assume it was false early labor lol being that i still had to be induced 2 weeks later.

  • I am very glad that she came late rather than early. My first pregnacy we lost to a misscarige so im glad she made it full term. She also had jaundice  but she is fine now! It didnt hurt her to stay in but it hurt me alright! I have had broken ribs for a few years now and they just dont want to heal and her kicking or just moving or not moving hurt so bad. worth it now though! Now i get to finally have them fixed! Being induced sucked so much!! At least for me.. I was in labor for 24 hours and pushed for 4 hours. I had 2 epidurals both failed so i got to feel everything... I had said i was going to try a natural birth but very open to pain meds because of my ribs they had told me there was no way they would not have me on pain meds but they didnt seem to want to work. I tore in 2 places wich was fun.... I never even thought i might tear or could lol. I read about everything but that... She was worth it though of course she is very healthy and such a good baby! Well for now Big Smile  The memory though makes me never want to have another child though.

  • It went well! Took a long time but she is healthy and thats all i cared about!

  • Thank you! We do have our little one now and she is great!

  • Congratulations on finally being with your baby girl. God bless you and your growing family.

    I cant wait to meet my baby boy at the end of next month.